New Plan – Next Goal. Lets GO!

OK so as you may have read in my recent post, Progress! Finally god damn progress! I have managed, through blood, sweat and moaning, to make it to my target weight of 11 stone. Which is a real feat for me as I have spent my life floating around like leaf at around 9.8 stone. Tough times.

I achieved this by working really f#cking hard in the gym, eating more than I felt I could and keeping my focus on what was important to me, getting my weight up. It was everything I wanted for so long. I know at 11 stone I am not “massive”, but its a good effort and shows me that even with my ectomorph chemistry, can do it, it just takes a lot!

And me being me, I WANT MORE. Never rest on your laurels, push further and harder to beast yourself. So I go on to my next goal, 11.5 stone. I have been researching what I can do to shock my body into get those extra gains.

I am going to change my approach to workouts to see if I can get this weight on, and in muscle. When you do similar workouts for too long your body almost expects it, so you gots to shock it, blindside it, show it that any minute you are going to come at it like an angry crab, pinching those muscles and energy levels.

Whats gunna change?

Just the workouts, for now.I usually workout 2 muscle groups a day, chest and triceps one day, back and biceps the next and so on, switching them round to accommodate for recovery and taking rest days when I feel, get a look at my current schedule in my post, the importance of rest, finding out the hard way. Which covers how i have been approaching rest and how burnout can loose your muscle mass!

After researching other skinny guys wanting to get bulk’s blogs and websites I have come across something that may just work, fingers crossed. Ill give it a go and be giving you guys feedback as I go. Should be fun, win or loose, frustrating if I loose.

I like switching things up, it give a new purpose to getting up and hitting the gym, eating and recording your progress. Extra initiative and motivation is always welcome in my life, as sometimes I just get sidetracked and it all takes a back seat. I’ve got too much to loose. Keep it fresh guys, nobody likes spoiled milk.

The workout thing

So part of this workout is, incredibly, taking more rest days! 3 days in blocks.  I know right, what on earth am I going to get up to on my days off. Maybe I’ll start drawing again, or wax, people seem to do that these days, right?

So I am going to concentrate less on muscle isolation exercised and work more on exercises which us multiple muscles, compound movements such as dead lifts, squats, bench press, and pull ups, really concentrating on form in order to get a full workout across various muscle groups.

On the first day I will be working on very heavy weight with lower reps, really working the muscles to the max and wearing myself out till I maybe go a bit dizzy from too much blood pumping. Long rest in between sets. Then take a rest day, if you aren’t aching from the day before then you have yourself down, shame.

In my second and third day I will lift and push at lighter weights at higher reps, fast. The real key is the speed, go fast or go home, this will get maximum burn and really shock those muscles into action. Real short rest between sets, like seconds, until your body can’t push or pull anymore. Dead arm.

I will be working out a whole range of push and pull motion exercises that will fill out this exercise, which I will publish once I have performed this type of routine for a few weeks and perfected the form, allowing for recovery and using exercises which will really work my full body in a balanced way.

let me know if you have any push/pull exercises that may help out, looking to try s many as possible!




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