How I gained 10lbs in 2 months to hit my target weight!

As a super skinny guy, I have spent a lot of time moaning to myself about my weight. Moaning on an on, but never really doing anything about it. Not changing anything to really make a difference. I finally began teaching myself and opened up a new chapter in this not so explosive life.

I started my journey at 137lbs, recently I finally hit my temporary target weight of 154lbs, 11 stone exactly! I have never been this weight in my life. I made it! Its a massive thing for me as I had accepted that I would never make it, and here I am, king of my castle.

I made it here using a combination of exercise, eating and protein shakes. I had to find the way for me to make my gains. Everybody’s chemistry is different as I have learned from the mistakes I have made in my journey. So I will help you by showing what has worked for me.

I realise through this that it was diet that made the difference, working hard in the gym was toning me up but I was losing weight due to letting my body burn the muscle tissue and the trace fatty amounts hidden somewhere in my body, maybe in my feet?

Why did it take me so long to realise? Because I am skinny dunderhead who needed to be told. Us guys sometimes don’t see what’s right in front of us, need someone to just insist they are right. Sometimes we still disagree but give it a go, then we will be full of thanks. Don’t quit on us, that’s too easy.

An example of what I be eating!

I prefer simple cooking, so don’t expect anything too gourmet. Switch it around but try keep the basis of it there, the proteins and the carbs, and you cannot really go wrong.


Disclaimer: I struggle to eat in a morning, it makes me gip, nuff said.

2 slices of toast, topped with honey and peanut butter. Usually forced down with a large glass of ice cold water.

A nice cup of Oolong tea or green tea to wake the body up.

1x My Protein Hard Gainer extreme shake


2 Boiled Eggs

Fruit smoothie.

Water, as much as possible through out.


Tuna pasta with light tomato sauce. Sauces are full of sugars and additives so I tent to just use a bit.

broccoli/any greens from the fridge.

As much spinach as I can eat.

Oolong tea so I don’t get drowsy after those carbs!


Post gym/snack

2 boiled eggs

1x My Protein Hard Gainer Extreme shake




vegetable and pork noodle soup. Leads of iron and protein rich veg in here, you’ll need it to help recovery.

Sweet potato wedges


Late snack

Cured meats! God damn I love cured meats! They are my world. Any cured meat, just put it in my belly.

1x My Protein Hard Gainer Extreme shake

Belvita biscuits

So yeah, this is a basic day for me. Not a bad variety and because of the meals I can mix about the meats and veg, even the snacks. Its real sad situation when you get bored of a food you love and cannot bare it, so switch it out for a few days before this happens. Luckily I never get bored of cured meats, high in protein and tasty as f*ck, this is my favourite part of the day!

Protein shakes/Supplements

Yeah these are good and you can just throw them in any time of the day if you are hungry. I don’t have the best gut though so try not to overdo them as they can leave me in peril so sometimes switch to just snacking on meats to get the extra protein, that’s expensive though.

I am currently using My Proteins Hard Gainer Extreme, which I find is fantastic and has really helped me gain the additional notches on the scales since I started using it. Also I have been Using BCAA’s also from My protein which really have worked in keeping the gains where they should be, on my body.

You can read my review for My Proteins hard gainer extreme here. The odd review of My proteins BCAA’s can be found on this link. Check them out, its pretty interesting and the side effect are erm, very honestly spoken about, to the joy of my friends…

The “secret” to this extra bulk

So the real secret is to balance. If you are working harder in the gym, currently going 5 times a week,  naturally you should be hungrier so don’t stick to the amounts you were eating before, UP IT! Go on, it may be daunting looking at all that food as first, but you are doing it for the right reasons!

Try to cut out all processed and packaged foods as much as possible and hut the veg! I know veg sucks but when it comes to recovery and muscle building, it is VITAL! Just shove it into every meal, you wont really be able to taste it, but you are a grown up now and your supposed to like that crap.

Liquids! You are going to need to keep hydrated so take in as much water as you can! It is life. Without you are going to be lacking energy and your body will really struggle to hold onto what you have.

Nice one.






3 thoughts on “How I gained 10lbs in 2 months to hit my target weight!

  1. I love this post! The humor thrown in definitely adds some charm. So many people are focused on “lose, lose, lose” that nobody ever sees the struggle from the opposite end of the spectrum. I’m going to share this with my brother. I think he might appreciate it.
    Congratulations on reaching your first goal!


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