Progress! Finally god damn progress!

Today I am at my parents house. When I come here I know I am gunna get fed, I was right. Mother came home sporting the greatest Friday treat in the U.K, fish and chips! God damn I love those shit’s, so much brown sawse! Too much sawse!

Dad’s been looking over my shoulder every time I pull my phone out and reading any messages when I do, then just laugh’s when I ask him what hes looking at, maybe that’s where I get the annoying trait from. As I get older I see more of my mum and dad’s personality coming out in me, embrace it, its going to happen sooner or later! And I bet they were cool back in their day!

I will let the father off. Hes an incredible father who always supports me when I want something, and tells me no when I’m about to make a stupid decision, same with the mother, but nothing really annoys me about her. Parents always give the best advice, and usually, over time, I realize they are right about everything! Or maybe I just forget if the discussed situation never arises and life moves on, I guess we will never know, all I know is when they are right, they are right.

One thing they cannot help me with is weight gain, They know nothing about it, like asking what a cod knows about the clouds.


So I remembered that there are some weighing scales here, I haven’t weighed myself for about a month, last time I did I was 10.8 stone, which is the same as the weigh in I had done a month before at boots on the super digital scales. This was frustrating as I was hoping for more gains with my food intake and shakes, seemed to stop a bit. Guttin.

So To be fair I haven’t changed anything with diet at all, which is odd. The only thing I have changed is that for the last weeks I have been back on the BCAA’s, now if any of you read my review of My Protein’s BCAA Plus, you would be aware that the last time I took them I had a….problem.

If you didn’t read it then shame on you! Ill briefly fill you in. I started taking them to help with my muscle gain after hearing some great reviews and chatting with personal trainers who recommended them as a great supplement for getting those extra valuable gains. The product works fantastically on the muscle side, allowing me to retain muscle for longer and work harder in the gym. The problem was that I got moody, Extra tired after gym and also the worst side effect, limp dick! Read the full review if you like, I still laugh about it now! Read my My Protein BCAA Plus review here!

So my girlfriend is away on holiday so I decided while she is away, I will start on them again! There will be no “action” this week, so why not! Lets try get the most we can in gains out of it!


So I dusted off the scales that were hidden behind some cleaning products in the bathroom cupboard, dusted it off and placed it on some solid ground,took a deep breath and stepped up.

The scales read dead on 11 stone! YAYYYYYYYYY!!! The gain has jumped forward! Yaayyy!! Its a fantastic feeling when you have battled so long against loosing weight to find yourself finally putting some on! What a wonderful day.

I go out into the garden and look up at a heavenly blue sky. There are two fat doves sat in the tree chatting politics.

I am going to continue doing what I am doing as I am more than happy today! I could feel very different tomorrow so I will keep you up to date. But for now, spending most of my life at a measly 9.8 stone, being 11 stone feels like I am really accomplishing my goals. Goals which change all the time. Being human, I am never truly satisfied.

I am leaving my life as a twig behind and finally becoming the lump I want to be. Fantastic.






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