Fast 5 – Dreaded Legs! Old Wobbleys!

I know you don’t want to hear this, but you have to get those legs worked. Not only do your pins support your weight, they also provide overall health, testosterone building and more powerful shots in footy! So because of all these, they are so vital! Smash through the workout and get the hell out of there! GO GO GO!


There is a huge amount of people out there that really do not enjoy working legs. It really is a case of once you get in there and start, its rather fun! I am one of these people. Due to injuries and laziness I always missed leg day, I always had an excuse thoooo! But there comes a point when  your legs are looking like an ostrich’s that you really have to make a change!

So I went at it, took that big leap, promised myself I would do them once a week (massive step) and dove in. Aesthetically for me results are slow but the weights keep getting higher so even though they may not look mega, the muscle is there and I can calf press 3x my body weight, not bad seen as though they were non existent at first. Over time and using different exercises though, the definition is really coming through and I am getting to a happy place.

For skinny leg mutha fukaz I have put together my top 5 leg exercises, the ones that give the best results and can be ran through in no time, sometimes half an hour if I am feeling super focused, 40 minutes if I want to sit and think about dinner between sets. Focus on your technique and pump on every rep and even with those skinny string legs, you will start to see results. Even if, like me, you only have time for a quick workout! And/or lazy….

To the killers!

Squats  4 x 20 reps


CLASSICS! The staple of any overall leg workout right here, and rightly so! You really do use all the leg muscles with this one. If you are doing it right, its the shit!

Start with a light weight, maybe 20kg on each side and work up from there, upping on each set. You will feel this right away so do your best but don’t kill yourself, got plenty to go yet!

Technique, technique and more technique. You can do damage and not be walking for days if done incorrect. Keep your feet shoulder width apart and toes pointing slightly outward so to give the best balance and allow you to use your full range of motion comfortably.

Keep your back as straight as possible as shown in the picture, you will see all the instathots arching their back, this really is only for your pleasure and to get those likes! Arching the back causes damage to the lower spine and is an unnatural position for your body to be in and takes a lot of the weight. Its all about the legs and especially the tops of your legs, so concentrate on all the weight being pushed up from your thighs.

Leg Press 4 x 10 Reps


Again one you really can take all that build up stress away with. Really push into this one for the best results and for satisfaction. It feels great to work and stretch those muscles.

You will be able to do a lot more than you think here, put your mind to it and go for your heaviest you can for the full 4 sets! DO IT YOU BIAAATCHHHHHHH!!

Really simple exercise and machine to use, and after squats your quads will be nicely warmed up as well. Enjoy that burn son. But be careful, I’m sure you have seen the videos of people legs bending the wrong way. Don’t let your let your leg become hyper extended and case awful damage. Remember you have a ton of weight on the end of your leg so you need to protect as much as possible. Due to fear of this I never fully extend my leg when doing this one, on any weight. Keep a slight bend and stay safe kids.

Leg Curl 3 x 10 Reps


Okay lets move on to those hamstring and the back of the leg. I find these one tough, maybe my backs are weaker than my front, I am not sure, but if I go too heavy on this my hammys kill! So start light if this relates to you and work up from there if confident and well stretched.

lay as flat as you can and pull the weight over to touch your batty, use the full range of motion available to get the most out of this. Burn should initiate right away but go slowly so not to cause damage to yourself and be walking like a cowboy for the next week!

Leg Extension 3 x 10 Reps


This should be getting tough by now! If not then up that weight and get those legs feeling wobbly! This is the last upper leg exercise so get to it, no complaining, just close those eyes and put in that work!

Place the weight pad as far back as possible to start with so you are pushing forward from underneath you, this make it a more natural movement and uses the full motion.

As you come up to the top of the flex really engage those quad muscles and hold for a a few seconds, then go back slowly. This will help build strong muscles and really use up the last of the energy you have in those legs, stairs will not be an option!

start on a manageable weight and up it from there if you fell you can. Remember to go slow so not to cause damage to your muscles. Most of all, ENJOY IT!

Seated Calf Press 4 x 20 Reps

download.jpgI LOVE THIS ONE! Its fantastic! Very satisfying and you can even see your calf getting bigger as you go! It will turn to steel in the blink of an eye!

Go on, put everything into it! Start hard and get harder and harder as you go through the sets. Remember its 20 reps a set on this one so even a manageable weight is going to have an effect!

Try to place the ball of your foot and your toes on the base and ensure you are able to freely drop your heels to the floor, then stand as tall as you can on your damn tippys! Focus on the stretch and using your calves to do the work, flex the calf muscle as you reach the highest position you can manage and hold the weight for a few seconds for the best results!


Right! That’s it! We are DONE! You should be hobbling away with those jelly legs by now and thinking you aint going to make it home! but you will be fine…in a couple of days! At least now you can relate to all the meme’s about the day after leg day, huh?

I hope you enjoy this and implement it into your workout!




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