Fast 5!!! Chest workout!

Who doesn’t enjoy a good chest session  huh? I know I do! I think its the rawness of most of the workout, being at one with the weights bench and pushing as much as you possibly can, usually surprising yourself or killing yourself in the process., one of the two.

I had to ease off on chest for a bit, still working it, but not concentrating on it so much and putting so much weight into it. My tiddy balls just kept getting too big, my girlfriend was joking they were bigger than hers! My pecs are high up on my body, so when swole they would protrude a bit far for my liking!

So I switched to doing a quick paced, high rep workout. and realized I could do what I did before in about 40 minutes, saving me time to do other things like playing with lizards, prank calling people and playing knock a door run.

I put together this workout by looking into what would be the best exercises to hit each part of the pectoral muscle, so to give a full workout and a rounded aesthetic look when you start getting those gains.

Lets smash it out the park!

The Workout!!

Chest Press


Lets go! Straight in with a classic here. The most simple of the exercises, but most effective. Hands shoulder width apart, push the weight as high as you can, bring down to touch your chest, this way you know you are using your full range of motion and really working those pectoral muscles.

for this we will start at a manageable weight, say 30 kg for 15 reps, then 12 adding 5kg to each side, 10 with another 5kg then 8 at the max you can do.

This will hurt but you will manage it if you really focus, get the right form and believe you are not a puss puss.


Decline Bench Press


I LOVE this workout. For some reason I seem to find it easier than the flat bench press. Weird, But it just works for me.

Try and use the exact same weights and reps as we used in the last exercise to keep it all level and gain a balance of muscle across your pectoral.

Don’t try to push the weight on any angles, your body is already in declining position and the muscles naturally worked will be your upper pectoral.

Concentrate on pushing straight up to get to get the most from this, when bringing the weight down ensure you just touch you chest before going back up, it doesn’t count if not! If your partner is cheating, enforce the rule that you start again from 0 if you don’t! They’ll soon start doing it the proppa way!

Incline Chest Press

20150602031953uid1.jpgThis is going to get tough here, if it hasn’t already. If you are breezing through it, your an animal, if you’re not, WE CAN DO IT!

As before, concentrate on the weights going in a straight line upwards, use an adjustable seat to support your weight so your not slipping about or staining your legs.


Same reps as before too, so a 15 set on a manageable weight, go higher for 12, higher again for 10 and as high as you can for your last 8! Your arms will start to die a little, but man, you will have rock hard pecs going on, looking like a lil Terry Crews.

Machine Bench Press

20150602031953uid1.jpgIt took me a while to get used to this There is something about the movement that I had to get used to. But not everything is comfortable first time. Don’t quit! It will work and become a staple part of your workout.

So to avoid confusion we are sticking with the same reps as the exercises before. Just so we don’t mix anything up and you can smash through it and get off home.

concentrate on keeping your back and shoulders straight, for this one. Set the start position to slightly behind you and using the motion of the machine, swing your arms forward to a point where your fingers touch to complete the full rep. NO CHEATING!



This is the last exercise! WE ARE ALMOST DONE! Put everything into it and you WILL get results!

Try to do 3 sets of 10, your arms will shake and legs may swing at first, but concentrate on keeping your core straight and putting everything into your arms and chest.

Dip down to just below your elbows, going any lower may cause damage from over stretching so be careful and have a stretch before you start.


Now you should have a really good burn/numb feeling in your upper body. Should be struggling to jog down stairs tomorrow making you hold your breast’s as you go.

I hope you enjoyed this shit!






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