Fast 5 – Tricep Workouts Home or Gym!

Yooooooooooo! Its Monday! Back on the grind, business and B.S! I hope you had a fantastic weekend, feel rejuvenated and ready to beat the shit out of this new week we have been gifted. PUT IT IN A HEADLOCK! DROP A PEOPLES ELBOW ON IT!


I am in a rush today as I have about 20 tasks to tick off my list. Therefore I wont be messing about sitting looking out the window so much, popping the T.V on just to see whats happening in the world or even watching my eggs boil. This boi doesn’t have the minutes to spare! BOIIII.

So what we are going to concentrate on today si the largest muscle in the arm, the triceps. People spend so long concentrating on working biceps, when to get the bigger arm you want, you should put your focus on the back of the arm to give that bulk. Also you will see improvements in other area’s bench press for example.

These exercises are designed to be ran through quick. I usually take 35 minutes to get through them, quicker at home. So get ready to put everything into each rep and you will feel massive in no time. Forget your short attention span, get in and get out, then you can get the rest of your daily talk list complete in time to watch to footy tonight, feeling happy with your productivity for the day!

The Fast 5!

You ready? got your 12 sweatbands on? Big tunes playing? YEAH YOU READY!

Overhead Triceps Extension (SKULL CRUSHERS!) 4 x 20 reps.

nfc6-triceps (1).gifIf you are doing this at home, just use your bed as a bench, but try not to fall asleep, come on, we have loads to do here!

Start with a comfortable weight, we will be doing 4 x 20 reps on this one so you are really going to feel it by the end of the 2nd set!

Use your palms to support the weight and start with the weight behind your head, don’t overstretch as you could cause damage, just go with your natural amount of movement. Now straighten your arms out in front of you, keeping your elbows in the same narrow position and really flexing the triceps as you go.

Dumbbell Triceps Extension 4 x 20 reps.

nfc6-triceps (1).gif

Again if you want to use your bed as a bench here you can, or lay on a yoga mat, figure it out, there is always something you can use to help your workout.

Again use a comfortable weight, you don’t need to go too big here. As you will have felt with the last workout, half way through your sets, keeping your form, you will be feeling it!

Here we start with our arm outstretched, straight as possible and using the movement in your elbow, bring the weight down to just above your opposite shoulder almost in a sling position. Then back to the start position, take it slow and always concentrate on working those triceps.

Also don’t get too carried away and hit yourself on the collar bone as you do this. It hurts like f@ck! Believe me. Take it slow.

One Arm Dumbbell Extension 4 x 10 Reps.

nfc6-triceps (1).gif

These will start to hurt a lil bit if you have done everything right. But you can do it! Less reps, higher weight here guys. really get that sweat and that burn going!

Stand as straight as possible, feet shoulder width apart. Start with your arm outstretched, keeping the elbow in the same position right next to your ear, work the weight down the beck of your head as far as your motion will take you, without overstretching.

Ensure your form is correct to avoid damage and get the most from this workout. keep an eye on that elbow to make sure it ain’t waving around and slowly work the weight up and down behind you, not hitting yourself on the head like a fool.

Dumbbell kickback 4 x 10 Reps.

nfc6-triceps (1).gif

Now there are tough! Getting your form right will take time and effort, but once you get it, this really is a fantastic exercise.

pop your knee on the bench on on the side of your bed if at home. bend forward and have your arm outstretched in front to support your weight. tuck your elbow in and keep it in the same position the whole time. from here stretch your arm all the way back to a full straight position.

This is gunna hurt at first. Try to take it slow so to perfect your form. put work into holding your elbow in the same position through out the whole rep, this is where I would start with a weight you can easily manage, your gunna feel it even with a lighter weight so don’t worry about people looking at your small weight, they would struggle too!

Seated Dumbbell Extension. 4 x 20 Reps

nfc6-triceps (1).gif

Last one! Come on!! Here we go, you’re going to be done in a minute! Then you can have your shake, sit back and chill!

If at home, sit on a chair, edge of the bed, on a box, on your kitchen counter. I don’t care just find anything that supports your ass!

really simple here, straight back, using your palms to hold the weight, stretch right up to the sky to start, you should really be feeling those triceps struggling by now, if not, work harder.

Using the weight stretch the right down behind your head as far as the motion will naturally allow, remember not to force and overstretch as this could cause damage and slow down your recovery and growth. Take it slow and as with a lot of triceps exercises, concentrate on keeping your elbow in the same position through every rep.


OKAY! You should have enough of a burn to feel accomplished by now! YOU DONE! Go on, go enjoy your evening whatever you got planned, or your day, I don’t know when you are doing this, but you are done for the day and should feel the benefits tomorrow!

Let me know if there is anything I should try!






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