Life Changes! – Why I had to leave my 10 year career behind!

Sometimes we get stuck in a rut, doing a job because its so much effort to go out and deal with applying for jobs after work, trying to get time off to interview by making up all types of crazy excuses so you don’t have to tell your employer, simply, I don’t want to be here! Just getting comfortable and accepting that this is the only work you can do.

I remember being younger and speaking to the older folk at work, they always said they thought they would only be in the job for a few years them move on to bigger, better things, then BANG, they had been there 15 years, never enjoying it, taking each day as it came. Comfortable.

I always said to myself this wouldn’t happen to me, and in a way I haven’t. I have moved from job to job, in similar roles, but with a few different companies. Always with the idea that this was going to be the one, applying myself fully to every role. within a year I was always back to where I was before, bored, looking for a way out dreaming of what else I could do with my life.


I hit the big 30, my life was over! I can be dramatic, but this is how it felt! I was sat in an office, looking like every other office, on a shitty chair, looking at a dreary computer screen boasting 1990’s looking software used to log various orders, query’s and find out information, if you have worked in an office, you know the type. So dull!

I looked around the office in a moment of realization, I can not do this for the rest of my life! I cannot be sat in a seat, having no passion or creative muse for my working time! The kind of jobs where you can work for the day, go home and have nothing to show in your heart for all the stress and effort you have put in, not feeling like you have learnt anything new about the world, only to do it all over again tomorrow, and the day after until times up, then the weekend, then back to it.

My mind was miles away for my last few weeks in the job, excited that I knew I had to go in another direction and change my world, but also scared, what else could I do? I had always been in client care, always on the phones and while I know I am good at it, my passion was lost. I could barely concentrate and just battled to get through each day without this lack of drive being picked up on, just doing enough.

Next step

So I had reached my decision, it was time to seriously make the change. I began looking at my passions, my life experience and work experience. What could I do differently? My real passion for the last few years has been exercise and diet, learning all I can and working out out as much as I can in my spare time.

I love to help people with a passion, helping people have better experiences, learn and become a happier with themselves. This is what my work had entailed in the past but in a much more corporate work sense. All I want to do is help people, in this world that can be hard, finding time is hard when you get caught up in your own world, and not being happy in your own world.

I want to go on a journey with people, from start to finish being there every step of the way and show people that they can chase their dreams, with my past and mistakes I have made, along with the excitement for the future, I could really help people, but how?

My choice

I have decided, its taken me a while, but I have chosen to invest and throw myself into it. I am going to train as a personal trainer, It is something I have considered for a while but never been been at breaking point to jump, its that time. If not now then when??

With my experience in people and passion for fitness, I believe that I will be able to be successful in this field, I love nothing more than looking further into everyday life, and seeing what can be improved for personal preservation.

This is my choice and my dream. I AM going to achieve, I WILL be happy in this world and I will help others to reach theirs. It is what we all deserve. Go out and get it! I am on my way now.

I would like to thank my queen for being my inspiration and my family for all their support in getting to where I am and allowing me to follow my heart.

Wish me luck!



2 thoughts on “Life Changes! – Why I had to leave my 10 year career behind!

  1. Good luck. Always onto a winner when you are passionate about something, you can’t help but inspire. I am in the process of planning my escape from the trappings of an office so I know the doubt you must have faced!
    I will be following you for fitness and bravery tips!


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