Quick 5’s – Toned Shoulder Workouts!

Who doesn’t want a good pair of solid, bulbous shoulders huh? So easily overlooked when putting together a schedule. Shoulder’s can be added to end of your workout and blasted out for a quick 5 workouts, taking no time at all but giving you a great workout!

I don’t know why but shoulders always seems to fall the back of my mind. They do get a good workout when doing other workouts but should get some extra level of care, right? I put together 5 workouts that you can go through quickly which really get your shoulders pumping!

I have always been able caress the bones on my shoulders until I started to add in these exercises. looking like the funny bones books cover’s. Which led me to start my work on them. with so many other muscle groups to work on these exercises are all about getting them in fast, so you don’t have to spend 7 days in the gym. rest days are vital to muscle recovery and growth!


Barbell Front Raises! 3 x 10 Reps


So first off we get right into it, Barbell front raises. Feet shoulder width apart, arms straight and stretched out in front and keep your back straight, stand up tall, that simple. Lift upwards from there as high as you can.

This one is kinda tough so don’t go too heavy on the weight to start with. go for a 12.5kg and try going up from there, the is plenty more exercises to do so don’t burn yourself out here!


A strange thing happens when I do this type of movement, my lip lifts up like its got a fish hook in it and someones pulling the wire up, very strange. So when doing this and the rest of the exercises, I keep my head down, try make no eye contact with anyone and stay well away from mirrors!

Back Presses 3 x 10 Reps

shoulders-panel-iron-works-gym-birmingham.jpgOut of all the exercises, I would say that this one gives me the best feeling and burn of all. I am able to put the most into this and get the highest weight pushed of all.

The only way to do this is with a straight back, not leaning back like a g in his car or forward like a crash test dummy, concentrate one form and not hitting your head or twatting your back with the bar. You may be able to take this blow once or twice, but maybe not after doing your full sets. You don’t want to be seeing stars during the workout.

Try doing your first set on a comfortable weight and work up from there each set. you may be surprised with what you can do here as you will be inadvertently using your back too.SMASH IT!

Dumbbell Presses 3 x 10 Reps

shoulders-panel-iron-works-gym-birmingham.jpgYou have to love these beasts right here. They got my lip quivering and legs wanting to hop about but I fight through and have got some real results from hitting these!

get yourself a nice seat, keep your back straight, choose your weights and get to work. Go big on the weight, you will kill it! Get a weight that doesn’t look to intimidating, then go 2 weights up, Just go for it!

I really do enjoy this workout. the burn is incredible and you come away feeling like a BOSS! I really concentrate on form here, trying to keep my elbows as far from my rib cage and pushing from there, as high as I can to the sky, like trying to fist bump god!

Bent Over side Lateral Rises 3 x 10


I really do struggle with these, but once I get through them I feel the benefits, my outer shoulders burn so much I feel I cannot go one after each set, as we know that soon dies down though and we get on with the next set after 30 seconds of rest.

I would start with a low weight, maybe a 15 kg for this one, just to get used to it. I never really get used to it which is odd so I tend to stay on the same weight throughout.

That being said though, if you feel you can step up the weights after each set, GO FOR IT! Don’t let me hold you back! Get to it! legs shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent and back bent over and keep it straight as possible, from there start with your arms down and weights together, and using your natural movement, flair them out as if you are a bird, but a lot more controlled. Try doing these slowly so to get the form right and get the full from this workout.

Machine Lateral Rises 4 x 10 Reps


On to the final workout! YAYYY!! Get this on a comfortable weight and work up from there, adding weight on each set. This is the last exercise so really go for it! Then you can go home and watch Spongebob.

Keep your back flat against the padding and place the arm padding in a position so when you reach the top of the rep it about 2 inches above your shoulders, so to use the full range of movement available and make sure you imagine you are a majestic eagle, slowly flapping your way to some mystical place where you aren’t sweating your tits off.  You will feel this one right away but just grit your teeth and get it done.

My weird lip twitch goes crazy on this one leaving my gym partner in stitches, I have grown to accept this now as just a “thing,” yeah I look weird,  but fuck it, I can go home once I finish this set!

You should be able to smash through this in 30-40 minute if the equipment is available, so have fun and get it done!






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