Top 5 Top 5 Top 5 – Bicep burner workouts! Keep the pump!!

Being a skinny guy in this world is tough. We can work out until you cannot feel your arms, no way you can fight off a rabid raccoon in that state, and still, within an a couple of hours, your arms have gone from looking pumped and defined, to limp and empty. We don’t have raccoons around here, in case you were concerned, but still.

After month’s of doing the same old thing and getting the same results, I began to research why my gain had been lame. I simply wasn’t hitting the right muscles consistently to activate that growth and make it stick!

I have found 5 exercises which I switch around that have become my staple bicep workout. They hit all muscle points in the bicep and seem to, for me, improve my gains as the growth really sticks. Its about finding whats right for you, it takes time, but hopefully I can help!

I tend to workout my biceps and triceps muscles twice a week as I can fade away overnight it seems. Most workouts do work the arm muscles, for example when working chest. So don’t overdo it, if they feel tired, leave them a few days. Over training can damage the muscle and actually slow down the growth, so go easy, and in time, you will see the benefits.


Preacher Curl

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAl5AAAAJDhiMjIyYWRiLTNmZDUtNGQxNy1iMzljLWYwNTgxM2IyZTkyMw.jpgSo we start with the barbell curl. Take a seat and get comfy, ensure your triceps are flat against the padding, not being too hunched over. Your shoulders and back shouldn’t move in this exercise, however much you may want them to!

Start with your arms fully straight and curl up as far as you can go using the full motion available in your arm. Really concentrate on using those biceps and the stretch when extending out.  All the way down, and all the way back up every time, else YOU CHEATING!

Do sets of 4 sets here, 15 reps on a comfortable rate, then add 5kg for the following sets of 12 reps, 10 reps and finish with 8. this is a great way to start your arms workout, really gets the arms pumping and helps to get you in that zone for the rest of your workout!

Barbell curl


For this one you need to really concentrate on technique and posture in order to get the most you can out of it. Keep your back straight and head high, feet shoulder width apart and really concentrate on keeping your elbows still at your side.

There should be no swinging out the upper arms here, very important as your biceps are not doing the work if this is the case. Keep your elbows in exactly the same place throughout the rep, using the full range of motion your forearms allow, and you are on to a winner!

For this one start with a 12.5kg barbell and do 40 reps. then 15kg and do 30, 17.5kg for 20 reps and finish with 20kg for 10. The burn on this one is incredible! If you feel you want to do more, do the sets backwards from 20kg. Similar to the popular exercise 300, where you start with 10kg and do 50, then go up from there as i showed, then go from 20kg and work your way back to 10kg! Ultimate dead arms!

Forearm barbell curl


This one is an exercise I find really tough, the old forearm curl. Again feet shoulder width apart, elbows in the same position down the side of the body for the whole rep, keep it still, use the mirror for this one to perfect technique and you will be golden.

Really focus on using the forearms on this one, as you come up really pump the weight towards you to get the best workout here, you will feel a real ache right away, but its a good ache, embrace it!

Use a lower weight then doing bicep curls, you will work both the bicep and the forearm in one exercise here but lower down so not to do damage and to get your form right. Start with 10kg for 15 reps, 12.5kg for 12, 15kg for 10 and 17.5kg for 8. This should be plenty enough and you will instantly feel your forearms turn to stone like Medusa has been checking you out.

Preacher curl Hammer curl (machine)


This one is my little variation, we have already done preacher curls so relax, take a seat and get started on those hammer curls, This will hit the inside of your muscles for wider arms.

switch your grip to the center of the bars shown in the picture so in hammer curl position and keep your upper arms flat against to the padding. concentrate on using your arms not putting your shoulders into it, keep them back and out of the way.

You will feel a real stretch in your arms as you extend and retract, is feels great! this is how you know its working and you are getting your technique right. All the way down and all the way up so your head almost touches the bar. Don’t be a bitch, do it!

Your arms are probably getting tired at this point, but push through, only one more exercise after this! Start at a comfortable weight for 15 reps, then up it for 12, then up again for 10 and finish with 8 reps on a high weight, and really put the effort in here, the results are coming!

Concentration curls


Here it is, the big finish! You have made it this far now really put the last bit of energy you have got into this, one last time! Then you can go home and watch Friends with a hot chocolate, get real comfy like and slob out.

They are kinda hard to perfect and you will see people doing it wrong, you probably do it wrong yourself! Keep your tricep against your leg in a sturdy position and elbow on the inside of your thigh, shoulders still so not taking any of the weight. Try copy the picture, use a mirror, you will feel it when you are doing it right.

Here is a video of how to perfect concentration curls which I found very helpful and made me realize I had been doing it wrong all along!. Check it out and feel the difference. I did!

Again to finish, start with 15 reps on a comfortable weight, I would start with 10kg, then up it to 12kg for 12 reps, 14kg for 10 and 16kg for 8. My arms are exhausted by this time so its very touch, but the finish line is in sight! GET TO IT!

with these workouts I have seen great muscle growth and learnt so much about what works for me and my body. Really work on technique as it is the most important thing, if you aren’t doing it right, you may as well not do it all!

Cheers guys!

If there is anything you want me to try let me know!




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