New Plan – Next Goal. Lets GO!

OK so as you may have read in my recent post, Progress! Finally god damn progress! I have managed, through blood, sweat and moaning, to make it to my target weight of 11 stone. Which is a real feat for me as I have spent my life floating around like leaf at around 9.8 stone. Tough times.

I achieved this by working really f#cking hard in the gym, eating more than I felt I could and keeping my focus on what was important to me, getting my weight up. It was everything I wanted for so long. I know at 11 stone I am not “massive”, but its a good effort and shows me that even with my ectomorph chemistry, can do it, it just takes a lot!

And me being me, I WANT MORE. Never rest on your laurels, push further and harder to beast yourself. So I go on to my next goal, 11.5 stone. I have been researching what I can do to shock my body into get those extra gains.

I am going to change my approach to workouts to see if I can get this weight on, and in muscle. When you do similar workouts for too long your body almost expects it, so you gots to shock it, blindside it, show it that any minute you are going to come at it like an angry crab, pinching those muscles and energy levels.

Whats gunna change?

Just the workouts, for now.I usually workout 2 muscle groups a day, chest and triceps one day, back and biceps the next and so on, switching them round to accommodate for recovery and taking rest days when I feel, get a look at my current schedule in my post, the importance of rest, finding out the hard way. Which covers how i have been approaching rest and how burnout can loose your muscle mass!

After researching other skinny guys wanting to get bulk’s blogs and websites I have come across something that may just work, fingers crossed. Ill give it a go and be giving you guys feedback as I go. Should be fun, win or loose, frustrating if I loose.

I like switching things up, it give a new purpose to getting up and hitting the gym, eating and recording your progress. Extra initiative and motivation is always welcome in my life, as sometimes I just get sidetracked and it all takes a back seat. I’ve got too much to loose. Keep it fresh guys, nobody likes spoiled milk.

The workout thing

So part of this workout is, incredibly, taking more rest days! 3 days in blocks.  I know right, what on earth am I going to get up to on my days off. Maybe I’ll start drawing again, or wax, people seem to do that these days, right?

So I am going to concentrate less on muscle isolation exercised and work more on exercises which us multiple muscles, compound movements such as dead lifts, squats, bench press, and pull ups, really concentrating on form in order to get a full workout across various muscle groups.

On the first day I will be working on very heavy weight with lower reps, really working the muscles to the max and wearing myself out till I maybe go a bit dizzy from too much blood pumping. Long rest in between sets. Then take a rest day, if you aren’t aching from the day before then you have yourself down, shame.

In my second and third day I will lift and push at lighter weights at higher reps, fast. The real key is the speed, go fast or go home, this will get maximum burn and really shock those muscles into action. Real short rest between sets, like seconds, until your body can’t push or pull anymore. Dead arm.

I will be working out a whole range of push and pull motion exercises that will fill out this exercise, which I will publish once I have performed this type of routine for a few weeks and perfected the form, allowing for recovery and using exercises which will really work my full body in a balanced way.

let me know if you have any push/pull exercises that may help out, looking to try s many as possible!




The Importance of rest – Finding out the hard way.

We all try to push ourselves to the limit sometimes. When we get an idea in our head or a goal there is something in your mind that just wont stop. The excitement to go and make it can overcome us and leave us blind to the damage we may be causing ourselves.

I wish this was work! or school! Or anything I haven’t been arsed to do in the past. Had I had the focus I have now when I was younger, my life would have been very different. I don’t know how, but surely it would have been different. Maybe I would have achieved more, been in a better financial position and even owned my very own nutribullet. Dreams.

But we have now to better ourselves, there is no other time. As my dad always used to say “I wish that id known what I know now, when I was younger”, or was that Rod Stewart? To be fair it could have been both, the Rod never ended in our car journeys in the old silver BMW of my childhood. Kicking the back of the chair for it to stop, only to find myself listening to the same songs 20 years later. Thank you Rod…and Dad.

Anyway, my point is that we are still learning every day, from our experiences, successes and failures, in our relationships (so many lessons), work life, play life and journey to becoming a real human person. So don’t fret too much if you are still finding your way, a lightbulb will go off at some point and you will make the right decision. Take it from me, probably too old to be making mistakes, but still being confused as hell when it all falls apart.

25 Examples of Confused Animals 7.jpg

The Aches and that

So I had been going pretty heavy on the gym time. The more I went the more energy I had, sometimes I could go 7 times a week like a maniac. But over time as I started to make gains in my muscle mass, I felt more and more lethargic and achy, like I just didn’t have the energy or the drive to get up and go smash those weights.

You feel bad about missing which makes you feel even more down! Cant really win! But when you do go you feel like you aren’t putting in 110% and this is just sad. Sad face. You don’t want this as it is in this state of mind that you may fall out of love with it. The endorphins and testosterone aren’t pumping like it should and you just end up fading into the gym, then exiting through a wall like an old Edwardian ghost.

I started looking into what I should do. The one glaring point was rest, all the time people going on about how great rest is. I didn’t like the idea as I had time on my hands and this hobby is something I enjoyed planning my day around. Come on I am healthy, eat…okay, over excitable kind of guy, F rest. I decided to go 5 days a week, and take weekends off.

But then after about 3 weeks of feeling tired and run down, I changed the placement of my rest days, not packing it into 5 weekdays then weekends off like I had tried before. Maybe take a Tuesday off? or a Wednesday, It didn’t matter, Just when I was tired. And it worked, such a simple little change made such a big difference to my energy levels, muscle recover and general mood.  Really refreshing me and aiding my gains. but how?

Why rest tho?

Go on, have a rest. Sleep man, as much as your world allows you to. If you don’t rest your body takes all the strain as it doesn’t get the chance to recuperate and help you rebuild you muscle tissue which has been overworked by the unrelenting workouts you have gone through. Here’s why!

  • Decrease energy levels
  • Decrease testosterone Levels
  • Decrease hormone growth levels
  • Increase catabolic (muscle destroying) hormones

Apart from just feeling haggered all the time. You will not be able to gain muscle, if this is the reason you are hitting the gym every day, then you are basically wasting your time. Just give in and get some roids or something…joking. These are built up in sleep so get MORE! Go on, you have an excuse now.

Something to remember is that you only build muscle when not at the gym. It comes along when you are sleeping or resting, using the food you eat and your chemistry to decide if your gunna wake up super skinny in the morning, or keep those gains. If you spend every minute in the gym increases the risk of injury also due to the strain it puts on your muscles and nervous system.

Well what to do?

Try to design a weight training program the allows one day of rest in between each weight training workout, and never train the same muscle group on two consecutive days. Be smart, if you can split up a couple of days between doing your biggest weight sets for chest of back for example, then do, your body had built back the fuel it needs to help you hit the biggest weights and ultimately smashing your Personal bests!

Experts say you should rest each day in-between each workout, so go 3 days a week and have a day off in-between. But everyone is different, I am able to go 4 or 5 days a week with a couple of days off in-between and maintain my energy levels and feel invigorated when I leave the gym. So what works for one may not work for another. Try a few different ways before settling on how much you need. Sometimes you may just need more, being human you may just be tired one day from life and that.

Few tips:

Sleep 8 hours a night – I know its hard, I am at my most awake after 9pm and sleepiest between 8am and 8:59pm. But this apparently is what your body needs to aid your recovery.

No physical activity late on – Yeah I’m not sure about this one, because err, knocking boots and that. So try and do the dirty about 3 hours before your off to sleep if you can. If not, err…there is no advice I can give you here, if you know, please please tell me.

No eating late – Try to eat before 7 and not after, another hard one with everyday life and especially if you are on a weight gain diet like me. Stick to light stuff with loads of protein if you have to, just a simple shake or something

Get A sleeping schedule – Another hard one that I have had to work to get into, going to sleep about 11 and up at 7 every day. It can take time for you body to adjust as I am a night owl but over time I am settling into it and feeling the benefits
So yeah! That’s basically it! Overall do what works for you. Try a week with more rest and push yourself extra hard at the gym to see if you are improving. But have fun! Training exhausted isn’t fun, so what’s the point!

If you aint having a good time, you are wasting your time – RZA









How I gained 10lbs in 2 months to hit my target weight!

As a super skinny guy, I have spent a lot of time moaning to myself about my weight. Moaning on an on, but never really doing anything about it. Not changing anything to really make a difference. I finally began teaching myself and opened up a new chapter in this not so explosive life.

I started my journey at 137lbs, recently I finally hit my temporary target weight of 154lbs, 11 stone exactly! I have never been this weight in my life. I made it! Its a massive thing for me as I had accepted that I would never make it, and here I am, king of my castle.

I made it here using a combination of exercise, eating and protein shakes. I had to find the way for me to make my gains. Everybody’s chemistry is different as I have learned from the mistakes I have made in my journey. So I will help you by showing what has worked for me.

I realise through this that it was diet that made the difference, working hard in the gym was toning me up but I was losing weight due to letting my body burn the muscle tissue and the trace fatty amounts hidden somewhere in my body, maybe in my feet?

Why did it take me so long to realise? Because I am skinny dunderhead who needed to be told. Us guys sometimes don’t see what’s right in front of us, need someone to just insist they are right. Sometimes we still disagree but give it a go, then we will be full of thanks. Don’t quit on us, that’s too easy.

An example of what I be eating!

I prefer simple cooking, so don’t expect anything too gourmet. Switch it around but try keep the basis of it there, the proteins and the carbs, and you cannot really go wrong.


Disclaimer: I struggle to eat in a morning, it makes me gip, nuff said.

2 slices of toast, topped with honey and peanut butter. Usually forced down with a large glass of ice cold water.

A nice cup of Oolong tea or green tea to wake the body up.

1x My Protein Hard Gainer extreme shake


2 Boiled Eggs

Fruit smoothie.

Water, as much as possible through out.


Tuna pasta with light tomato sauce. Sauces are full of sugars and additives so I tent to just use a bit.

broccoli/any greens from the fridge.

As much spinach as I can eat.

Oolong tea so I don’t get drowsy after those carbs!


Post gym/snack

2 boiled eggs

1x My Protein Hard Gainer Extreme shake




vegetable and pork noodle soup. Leads of iron and protein rich veg in here, you’ll need it to help recovery.

Sweet potato wedges


Late snack

Cured meats! God damn I love cured meats! They are my world. Any cured meat, just put it in my belly.

1x My Protein Hard Gainer Extreme shake

Belvita biscuits

So yeah, this is a basic day for me. Not a bad variety and because of the meals I can mix about the meats and veg, even the snacks. Its real sad situation when you get bored of a food you love and cannot bare it, so switch it out for a few days before this happens. Luckily I never get bored of cured meats, high in protein and tasty as f*ck, this is my favourite part of the day!

Protein shakes/Supplements

Yeah these are good and you can just throw them in any time of the day if you are hungry. I don’t have the best gut though so try not to overdo them as they can leave me in peril so sometimes switch to just snacking on meats to get the extra protein, that’s expensive though.

I am currently using My Proteins Hard Gainer Extreme, which I find is fantastic and has really helped me gain the additional notches on the scales since I started using it. Also I have been Using BCAA’s also from My protein which really have worked in keeping the gains where they should be, on my body.

You can read my review for My Proteins hard gainer extreme here. The odd review of My proteins BCAA’s can be found on this link. Check them out, its pretty interesting and the side effect are erm, very honestly spoken about, to the joy of my friends…

The “secret” to this extra bulk

So the real secret is to balance. If you are working harder in the gym, currently going 5 times a week,  naturally you should be hungrier so don’t stick to the amounts you were eating before, UP IT! Go on, it may be daunting looking at all that food as first, but you are doing it for the right reasons!

Try to cut out all processed and packaged foods as much as possible and hut the veg! I know veg sucks but when it comes to recovery and muscle building, it is VITAL! Just shove it into every meal, you wont really be able to taste it, but you are a grown up now and your supposed to like that crap.

Liquids! You are going to need to keep hydrated so take in as much water as you can! It is life. Without you are going to be lacking energy and your body will really struggle to hold onto what you have.

Nice one.





Progress! Finally god damn progress!

Today I am at my parents house. When I come here I know I am gunna get fed, I was right. Mother came home sporting the greatest Friday treat in the U.K, fish and chips! God damn I love those shit’s, so much brown sawse! Too much sawse!

Dad’s been looking over my shoulder every time I pull my phone out and reading any messages when I do, then just laugh’s when I ask him what hes looking at, maybe that’s where I get the annoying trait from. As I get older I see more of my mum and dad’s personality coming out in me, embrace it, its going to happen sooner or later! And I bet they were cool back in their day!

I will let the father off. Hes an incredible father who always supports me when I want something, and tells me no when I’m about to make a stupid decision, same with the mother, but nothing really annoys me about her. Parents always give the best advice, and usually, over time, I realize they are right about everything! Or maybe I just forget if the discussed situation never arises and life moves on, I guess we will never know, all I know is when they are right, they are right.

One thing they cannot help me with is weight gain, They know nothing about it, like asking what a cod knows about the clouds.


So I remembered that there are some weighing scales here, I haven’t weighed myself for about a month, last time I did I was 10.8 stone, which is the same as the weigh in I had done a month before at boots on the super digital scales. This was frustrating as I was hoping for more gains with my food intake and shakes, seemed to stop a bit. Guttin.

So To be fair I haven’t changed anything with diet at all, which is odd. The only thing I have changed is that for the last weeks I have been back on the BCAA’s, now if any of you read my review of My Protein’s BCAA Plus, you would be aware that the last time I took them I had a….problem.

If you didn’t read it then shame on you! Ill briefly fill you in. I started taking them to help with my muscle gain after hearing some great reviews and chatting with personal trainers who recommended them as a great supplement for getting those extra valuable gains. The product works fantastically on the muscle side, allowing me to retain muscle for longer and work harder in the gym. The problem was that I got moody, Extra tired after gym and also the worst side effect, limp dick! Read the full review if you like, I still laugh about it now! Read my My Protein BCAA Plus review here!

So my girlfriend is away on holiday so I decided while she is away, I will start on them again! There will be no “action” this week, so why not! Lets try get the most we can in gains out of it!


So I dusted off the scales that were hidden behind some cleaning products in the bathroom cupboard, dusted it off and placed it on some solid ground,took a deep breath and stepped up.

The scales read dead on 11 stone! YAYYYYYYYYY!!! The gain has jumped forward! Yaayyy!! Its a fantastic feeling when you have battled so long against loosing weight to find yourself finally putting some on! What a wonderful day.

I go out into the garden and look up at a heavenly blue sky. There are two fat doves sat in the tree chatting politics.

I am going to continue doing what I am doing as I am more than happy today! I could feel very different tomorrow so I will keep you up to date. But for now, spending most of my life at a measly 9.8 stone, being 11 stone feels like I am really accomplishing my goals. Goals which change all the time. Being human, I am never truly satisfied.

I am leaving my life as a twig behind and finally becoming the lump I want to be. Fantastic.





The gym partner question…For better and for worse?

So I have been thinking recently, thinking back to a time when I needed a gym partner to really get me into the frame of mind to go work out. I always ran alone with beats on, but I guess due to confidence issues being skinny, there was a kind of block there. Going alone in my mind, meant to be bored, not work hard and just try to get in and out as quick as possible.

So my long time friend had was talking to me about going to the gym, we were both in the same place. We both wanted to get swole, lived close together in the city centre and needed another person to tell us to stop being a pussy and get on with it. Perfect!

So we joined Pure Gym, it had enough equipment, enough space, wasn’t too busy and was super cheap! £15quid a month! I was planning on spending a lot of time there so was real value for money! I had been at a gym I hardly went to in the past for £30 quid a month, so I was more than happy with the extra bit of cash in my pocket!


So we started going, both of us were super on it! going 4, maybe 5 times a week. I was super skinny so it took a while before I started to see a difference. Just having someone there to talk and laugh with while you work out is great for confidence, enjoyment and not wanting to embarrass yourself in front of.

I wanted to be there all the time. Once you start seeing results and the results of other’s you really do get that addiction to gym people talk and preach about. That happy place where you enjoy every minute, even if you are just pointing out weird stuff or putting the world to rights between sets, letting out all those stresses of modern life and getting someone else’s point of view on them, right or wrong.

As we got used to the equipment and different techniques, we both started to progress. His body shape is different to mine, more bulky, so he started getting bigger, whereas I am skinny so started to tone. In the lifting department we could both do the same which was great as we didn’t waste time switching weights and making the other feel like a lil bitch for not being able to handle the heat.


We switch to free weights full time pretty much, using the odd machine when needed. For me this is a big step as I never had the confidence to go hit that with the big doggs grunting and that. It was purely the fact that I felt too small, sometimes I still do but you just have to get on with it or you’ll never get the results you desire, then whats the point! I know I have good muscle, but some days I just feel its all faded away!

But we got to it. Going 5 times a week without fail, having fun and sweating along the way. Extra long sessions on a weekend meant we got in anything that we didn’t have time for in the week. This is great!

This carried on for a good few months and we both had that passion, we both wanted to go all the time and it was a travesty if one of us would pull out for any reason, neither of us had a good enough excuse. This is just one of the many reason a gym buddy is great, you feel really bad if you let them down, causing you to bend arrangements to be able to get that hour in, whatever time it is scheduled for.


As time has gone on it appears my bro’s passion has wavered, his love of cheese may have taken over! When we talk he wants to go and I don’t doubt that, but when it comes to it, there isn’t even an excuse, he tells me he is tired and wants to go eat cheese. Fair play, at least he is honest!

You can keep asking but if someone doesn’t have the same passion as you, its always going to be a problem. It came to a point where I have decided to let him get in touch with me if he wants to go, Ill always be ready to go if he asks, but just to see if he wants to go at all.

I said that to myself about three weeks ago, I have been my usual 5 times a week, I have gone with him maybe twice in that time. It is disappointing but when we did go we would only be there 45 minutes and the weights weren’t really cutting it anymore. That driving force built up between us seemed to be lacking.

We are in different places right now when it comes to gym. I have gone down a more serious route as I will shortly be training to be a personal trainer, trying new things which weren’t so enjoyable for the gym bro as they aren’t traditional, getting in a strop if I had a go for not trying! lol


When you are working out with a partner who is as driven as you are, has the same goals and really wants to commit, it can be the most rewarding, exciting and friendship building activity you can do. If one of you just isn’t feeling it it is going to waver and become more of a social meeting rather than a chance to really push yourself.

The more frustrating side of it is when I think were we both could be if we were pushing each other at this point, as we were in the beginning. Would I be bigger? I have done well but maybe I could have pushed for more PB’s in this time.

The motivation I have comes from a new exciting venture in my life in becoming a personal trainer, this has pushed me to work out new techniques, try workouts I have never seen before and spend more time working out. I have this as motivation to push me but when your partner doesn’t, how can you help them?

I know all this doesn’t really answer the question but what I think I am getting at is the fact that gym partners can be incredible, pushing you, giving you confidence and really bringing the fun to the gym sessions, which can be monotonous without. But if your partner doesn’t want the same thing you do, its just not going to work, find your motivation in yourself and use it, just in case they are a no show!

I have just realised this sounds very much like I am summing up a romantic relationship….NO HOMO!






Fast 5 – Dreaded Legs! Old Wobbleys!

I know you don’t want to hear this, but you have to get those legs worked. Not only do your pins support your weight, they also provide overall health, testosterone building and more powerful shots in footy! So because of all these, they are so vital! Smash through the workout and get the hell out of there! GO GO GO!


There is a huge amount of people out there that really do not enjoy working legs. It really is a case of once you get in there and start, its rather fun! I am one of these people. Due to injuries and laziness I always missed leg day, I always had an excuse thoooo! But there comes a point when  your legs are looking like an ostrich’s that you really have to make a change!

So I went at it, took that big leap, promised myself I would do them once a week (massive step) and dove in. Aesthetically for me results are slow but the weights keep getting higher so even though they may not look mega, the muscle is there and I can calf press 3x my body weight, not bad seen as though they were non existent at first. Over time and using different exercises though, the definition is really coming through and I am getting to a happy place.

For skinny leg mutha fukaz I have put together my top 5 leg exercises, the ones that give the best results and can be ran through in no time, sometimes half an hour if I am feeling super focused, 40 minutes if I want to sit and think about dinner between sets. Focus on your technique and pump on every rep and even with those skinny string legs, you will start to see results. Even if, like me, you only have time for a quick workout! And/or lazy….

To the killers!

Squats  4 x 20 reps


CLASSICS! The staple of any overall leg workout right here, and rightly so! You really do use all the leg muscles with this one. If you are doing it right, its the shit!

Start with a light weight, maybe 20kg on each side and work up from there, upping on each set. You will feel this right away so do your best but don’t kill yourself, got plenty to go yet!

Technique, technique and more technique. You can do damage and not be walking for days if done incorrect. Keep your feet shoulder width apart and toes pointing slightly outward so to give the best balance and allow you to use your full range of motion comfortably.

Keep your back as straight as possible as shown in the picture, you will see all the instathots arching their back, this really is only for your pleasure and to get those likes! Arching the back causes damage to the lower spine and is an unnatural position for your body to be in and takes a lot of the weight. Its all about the legs and especially the tops of your legs, so concentrate on all the weight being pushed up from your thighs.

Leg Press 4 x 10 Reps


Again one you really can take all that build up stress away with. Really push into this one for the best results and for satisfaction. It feels great to work and stretch those muscles.

You will be able to do a lot more than you think here, put your mind to it and go for your heaviest you can for the full 4 sets! DO IT YOU BIAAATCHHHHHHH!!

Really simple exercise and machine to use, and after squats your quads will be nicely warmed up as well. Enjoy that burn son. But be careful, I’m sure you have seen the videos of people legs bending the wrong way. Don’t let your let your leg become hyper extended and case awful damage. Remember you have a ton of weight on the end of your leg so you need to protect as much as possible. Due to fear of this I never fully extend my leg when doing this one, on any weight. Keep a slight bend and stay safe kids.

Leg Curl 3 x 10 Reps


Okay lets move on to those hamstring and the back of the leg. I find these one tough, maybe my backs are weaker than my front, I am not sure, but if I go too heavy on this my hammys kill! So start light if this relates to you and work up from there if confident and well stretched.

lay as flat as you can and pull the weight over to touch your batty, use the full range of motion available to get the most out of this. Burn should initiate right away but go slowly so not to cause damage to yourself and be walking like a cowboy for the next week!

Leg Extension 3 x 10 Reps


This should be getting tough by now! If not then up that weight and get those legs feeling wobbly! This is the last upper leg exercise so get to it, no complaining, just close those eyes and put in that work!

Place the weight pad as far back as possible to start with so you are pushing forward from underneath you, this make it a more natural movement and uses the full motion.

As you come up to the top of the flex really engage those quad muscles and hold for a a few seconds, then go back slowly. This will help build strong muscles and really use up the last of the energy you have in those legs, stairs will not be an option!

start on a manageable weight and up it from there if you fell you can. Remember to go slow so not to cause damage to your muscles. Most of all, ENJOY IT!

Seated Calf Press 4 x 20 Reps

download.jpgI LOVE THIS ONE! Its fantastic! Very satisfying and you can even see your calf getting bigger as you go! It will turn to steel in the blink of an eye!

Go on, put everything into it! Start hard and get harder and harder as you go through the sets. Remember its 20 reps a set on this one so even a manageable weight is going to have an effect!

Try to place the ball of your foot and your toes on the base and ensure you are able to freely drop your heels to the floor, then stand as tall as you can on your damn tippys! Focus on the stretch and using your calves to do the work, flex the calf muscle as you reach the highest position you can manage and hold the weight for a few seconds for the best results!


Right! That’s it! We are DONE! You should be hobbling away with those jelly legs by now and thinking you aint going to make it home! but you will be fine…in a couple of days! At least now you can relate to all the meme’s about the day after leg day, huh?

I hope you enjoy this and implement it into your workout!



Fast 5!!! Chest workout!

Who doesn’t enjoy a good chest session  huh? I know I do! I think its the rawness of most of the workout, being at one with the weights bench and pushing as much as you possibly can, usually surprising yourself or killing yourself in the process., one of the two.

I had to ease off on chest for a bit, still working it, but not concentrating on it so much and putting so much weight into it. My tiddy balls just kept getting too big, my girlfriend was joking they were bigger than hers! My pecs are high up on my body, so when swole they would protrude a bit far for my liking!

So I switched to doing a quick paced, high rep workout. and realized I could do what I did before in about 40 minutes, saving me time to do other things like playing with lizards, prank calling people and playing knock a door run.

I put together this workout by looking into what would be the best exercises to hit each part of the pectoral muscle, so to give a full workout and a rounded aesthetic look when you start getting those gains.

Lets smash it out the park!

The Workout!!

Chest Press


Lets go! Straight in with a classic here. The most simple of the exercises, but most effective. Hands shoulder width apart, push the weight as high as you can, bring down to touch your chest, this way you know you are using your full range of motion and really working those pectoral muscles.

for this we will start at a manageable weight, say 30 kg for 15 reps, then 12 adding 5kg to each side, 10 with another 5kg then 8 at the max you can do.

This will hurt but you will manage it if you really focus, get the right form and believe you are not a puss puss.


Decline Bench Press


I LOVE this workout. For some reason I seem to find it easier than the flat bench press. Weird, But it just works for me.

Try and use the exact same weights and reps as we used in the last exercise to keep it all level and gain a balance of muscle across your pectoral.

Don’t try to push the weight on any angles, your body is already in declining position and the muscles naturally worked will be your upper pectoral.

Concentrate on pushing straight up to get to get the most from this, when bringing the weight down ensure you just touch you chest before going back up, it doesn’t count if not! If your partner is cheating, enforce the rule that you start again from 0 if you don’t! They’ll soon start doing it the proppa way!

Incline Chest Press

20150602031953uid1.jpgThis is going to get tough here, if it hasn’t already. If you are breezing through it, your an animal, if you’re not, WE CAN DO IT!

As before, concentrate on the weights going in a straight line upwards, use an adjustable seat to support your weight so your not slipping about or staining your legs.


Same reps as before too, so a 15 set on a manageable weight, go higher for 12, higher again for 10 and as high as you can for your last 8! Your arms will start to die a little, but man, you will have rock hard pecs going on, looking like a lil Terry Crews.

Machine Bench Press

20150602031953uid1.jpgIt took me a while to get used to this There is something about the movement that I had to get used to. But not everything is comfortable first time. Don’t quit! It will work and become a staple part of your workout.

So to avoid confusion we are sticking with the same reps as the exercises before. Just so we don’t mix anything up and you can smash through it and get off home.

concentrate on keeping your back and shoulders straight, for this one. Set the start position to slightly behind you and using the motion of the machine, swing your arms forward to a point where your fingers touch to complete the full rep. NO CHEATING!



This is the last exercise! WE ARE ALMOST DONE! Put everything into it and you WILL get results!

Try to do 3 sets of 10, your arms will shake and legs may swing at first, but concentrate on keeping your core straight and putting everything into your arms and chest.

Dip down to just below your elbows, going any lower may cause damage from over stretching so be careful and have a stretch before you start.


Now you should have a really good burn/numb feeling in your upper body. Should be struggling to jog down stairs tomorrow making you hold your breast’s as you go.

I hope you enjoyed this shit!





Fast 5 – Tricep Workouts Home or Gym!

Yooooooooooo! Its Monday! Back on the grind, business and B.S! I hope you had a fantastic weekend, feel rejuvenated and ready to beat the shit out of this new week we have been gifted. PUT IT IN A HEADLOCK! DROP A PEOPLES ELBOW ON IT!


I am in a rush today as I have about 20 tasks to tick off my list. Therefore I wont be messing about sitting looking out the window so much, popping the T.V on just to see whats happening in the world or even watching my eggs boil. This boi doesn’t have the minutes to spare! BOIIII.

So what we are going to concentrate on today si the largest muscle in the arm, the triceps. People spend so long concentrating on working biceps, when to get the bigger arm you want, you should put your focus on the back of the arm to give that bulk. Also you will see improvements in other area’s bench press for example.

These exercises are designed to be ran through quick. I usually take 35 minutes to get through them, quicker at home. So get ready to put everything into each rep and you will feel massive in no time. Forget your short attention span, get in and get out, then you can get the rest of your daily talk list complete in time to watch to footy tonight, feeling happy with your productivity for the day!

The Fast 5!

You ready? got your 12 sweatbands on? Big tunes playing? YEAH YOU READY!

Overhead Triceps Extension (SKULL CRUSHERS!) 4 x 20 reps.

nfc6-triceps (1).gifIf you are doing this at home, just use your bed as a bench, but try not to fall asleep, come on, we have loads to do here!

Start with a comfortable weight, we will be doing 4 x 20 reps on this one so you are really going to feel it by the end of the 2nd set!

Use your palms to support the weight and start with the weight behind your head, don’t overstretch as you could cause damage, just go with your natural amount of movement. Now straighten your arms out in front of you, keeping your elbows in the same narrow position and really flexing the triceps as you go.

Dumbbell Triceps Extension 4 x 20 reps.

nfc6-triceps (1).gif

Again if you want to use your bed as a bench here you can, or lay on a yoga mat, figure it out, there is always something you can use to help your workout.

Again use a comfortable weight, you don’t need to go too big here. As you will have felt with the last workout, half way through your sets, keeping your form, you will be feeling it!

Here we start with our arm outstretched, straight as possible and using the movement in your elbow, bring the weight down to just above your opposite shoulder almost in a sling position. Then back to the start position, take it slow and always concentrate on working those triceps.

Also don’t get too carried away and hit yourself on the collar bone as you do this. It hurts like f@ck! Believe me. Take it slow.

One Arm Dumbbell Extension 4 x 10 Reps.

nfc6-triceps (1).gif

These will start to hurt a lil bit if you have done everything right. But you can do it! Less reps, higher weight here guys. really get that sweat and that burn going!

Stand as straight as possible, feet shoulder width apart. Start with your arm outstretched, keeping the elbow in the same position right next to your ear, work the weight down the beck of your head as far as your motion will take you, without overstretching.

Ensure your form is correct to avoid damage and get the most from this workout. keep an eye on that elbow to make sure it ain’t waving around and slowly work the weight up and down behind you, not hitting yourself on the head like a fool.

Dumbbell kickback 4 x 10 Reps.

nfc6-triceps (1).gif

Now there are tough! Getting your form right will take time and effort, but once you get it, this really is a fantastic exercise.

pop your knee on the bench on on the side of your bed if at home. bend forward and have your arm outstretched in front to support your weight. tuck your elbow in and keep it in the same position the whole time. from here stretch your arm all the way back to a full straight position.

This is gunna hurt at first. Try to take it slow so to perfect your form. put work into holding your elbow in the same position through out the whole rep, this is where I would start with a weight you can easily manage, your gunna feel it even with a lighter weight so don’t worry about people looking at your small weight, they would struggle too!

Seated Dumbbell Extension. 4 x 20 Reps

nfc6-triceps (1).gif

Last one! Come on!! Here we go, you’re going to be done in a minute! Then you can have your shake, sit back and chill!

If at home, sit on a chair, edge of the bed, on a box, on your kitchen counter. I don’t care just find anything that supports your ass!

really simple here, straight back, using your palms to hold the weight, stretch right up to the sky to start, you should really be feeling those triceps struggling by now, if not, work harder.

Using the weight stretch the right down behind your head as far as the motion will naturally allow, remember not to force and overstretch as this could cause damage and slow down your recovery and growth. Take it slow and as with a lot of triceps exercises, concentrate on keeping your elbow in the same position through every rep.


OKAY! You should have enough of a burn to feel accomplished by now! YOU DONE! Go on, go enjoy your evening whatever you got planned, or your day, I don’t know when you are doing this, but you are done for the day and should feel the benefits tomorrow!

Let me know if there is anything I should try!





Life Changes! – Why I had to leave my 10 year career behind!

Sometimes we get stuck in a rut, doing a job because its so much effort to go out and deal with applying for jobs after work, trying to get time off to interview by making up all types of crazy excuses so you don’t have to tell your employer, simply, I don’t want to be here! Just getting comfortable and accepting that this is the only work you can do.

I remember being younger and speaking to the older folk at work, they always said they thought they would only be in the job for a few years them move on to bigger, better things, then BANG, they had been there 15 years, never enjoying it, taking each day as it came. Comfortable.

I always said to myself this wouldn’t happen to me, and in a way I haven’t. I have moved from job to job, in similar roles, but with a few different companies. Always with the idea that this was going to be the one, applying myself fully to every role. within a year I was always back to where I was before, bored, looking for a way out dreaming of what else I could do with my life.


I hit the big 30, my life was over! I can be dramatic, but this is how it felt! I was sat in an office, looking like every other office, on a shitty chair, looking at a dreary computer screen boasting 1990’s looking software used to log various orders, query’s and find out information, if you have worked in an office, you know the type. So dull!

I looked around the office in a moment of realization, I can not do this for the rest of my life! I cannot be sat in a seat, having no passion or creative muse for my working time! The kind of jobs where you can work for the day, go home and have nothing to show in your heart for all the stress and effort you have put in, not feeling like you have learnt anything new about the world, only to do it all over again tomorrow, and the day after until times up, then the weekend, then back to it.

My mind was miles away for my last few weeks in the job, excited that I knew I had to go in another direction and change my world, but also scared, what else could I do? I had always been in client care, always on the phones and while I know I am good at it, my passion was lost. I could barely concentrate and just battled to get through each day without this lack of drive being picked up on, just doing enough.

Next step

So I had reached my decision, it was time to seriously make the change. I began looking at my passions, my life experience and work experience. What could I do differently? My real passion for the last few years has been exercise and diet, learning all I can and working out out as much as I can in my spare time.

I love to help people with a passion, helping people have better experiences, learn and become a happier with themselves. This is what my work had entailed in the past but in a much more corporate work sense. All I want to do is help people, in this world that can be hard, finding time is hard when you get caught up in your own world, and not being happy in your own world.

I want to go on a journey with people, from start to finish being there every step of the way and show people that they can chase their dreams, with my past and mistakes I have made, along with the excitement for the future, I could really help people, but how?

My choice

I have decided, its taken me a while, but I have chosen to invest and throw myself into it. I am going to train as a personal trainer, It is something I have considered for a while but never been been at breaking point to jump, its that time. If not now then when??

With my experience in people and passion for fitness, I believe that I will be able to be successful in this field, I love nothing more than looking further into everyday life, and seeing what can be improved for personal preservation.

This is my choice and my dream. I AM going to achieve, I WILL be happy in this world and I will help others to reach theirs. It is what we all deserve. Go out and get it! I am on my way now.

I would like to thank my queen for being my inspiration and my family for all their support in getting to where I am and allowing me to follow my heart.

Wish me luck!


Quick 5’s – Toned Shoulder Workouts!

Who doesn’t want a good pair of solid, bulbous shoulders huh? So easily overlooked when putting together a schedule. Shoulder’s can be added to end of your workout and blasted out for a quick 5 workouts, taking no time at all but giving you a great workout!

I don’t know why but shoulders always seems to fall the back of my mind. They do get a good workout when doing other workouts but should get some extra level of care, right? I put together 5 workouts that you can go through quickly which really get your shoulders pumping!

I have always been able caress the bones on my shoulders until I started to add in these exercises. looking like the funny bones books cover’s. Which led me to start my work on them. with so many other muscle groups to work on these exercises are all about getting them in fast, so you don’t have to spend 7 days in the gym. rest days are vital to muscle recovery and growth!


Barbell Front Raises! 3 x 10 Reps


So first off we get right into it, Barbell front raises. Feet shoulder width apart, arms straight and stretched out in front and keep your back straight, stand up tall, that simple. Lift upwards from there as high as you can.

This one is kinda tough so don’t go too heavy on the weight to start with. go for a 12.5kg and try going up from there, the is plenty more exercises to do so don’t burn yourself out here!


A strange thing happens when I do this type of movement, my lip lifts up like its got a fish hook in it and someones pulling the wire up, very strange. So when doing this and the rest of the exercises, I keep my head down, try make no eye contact with anyone and stay well away from mirrors!

Back Presses 3 x 10 Reps

shoulders-panel-iron-works-gym-birmingham.jpgOut of all the exercises, I would say that this one gives me the best feeling and burn of all. I am able to put the most into this and get the highest weight pushed of all.

The only way to do this is with a straight back, not leaning back like a g in his car or forward like a crash test dummy, concentrate one form and not hitting your head or twatting your back with the bar. You may be able to take this blow once or twice, but maybe not after doing your full sets. You don’t want to be seeing stars during the workout.

Try doing your first set on a comfortable weight and work up from there each set. you may be surprised with what you can do here as you will be inadvertently using your back too.SMASH IT!

Dumbbell Presses 3 x 10 Reps

shoulders-panel-iron-works-gym-birmingham.jpgYou have to love these beasts right here. They got my lip quivering and legs wanting to hop about but I fight through and have got some real results from hitting these!

get yourself a nice seat, keep your back straight, choose your weights and get to work. Go big on the weight, you will kill it! Get a weight that doesn’t look to intimidating, then go 2 weights up, Just go for it!

I really do enjoy this workout. the burn is incredible and you come away feeling like a BOSS! I really concentrate on form here, trying to keep my elbows as far from my rib cage and pushing from there, as high as I can to the sky, like trying to fist bump god!

Bent Over side Lateral Rises 3 x 10


I really do struggle with these, but once I get through them I feel the benefits, my outer shoulders burn so much I feel I cannot go one after each set, as we know that soon dies down though and we get on with the next set after 30 seconds of rest.

I would start with a low weight, maybe a 15 kg for this one, just to get used to it. I never really get used to it which is odd so I tend to stay on the same weight throughout.

That being said though, if you feel you can step up the weights after each set, GO FOR IT! Don’t let me hold you back! Get to it! legs shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent and back bent over and keep it straight as possible, from there start with your arms down and weights together, and using your natural movement, flair them out as if you are a bird, but a lot more controlled. Try doing these slowly so to get the form right and get the full from this workout.

Machine Lateral Rises 4 x 10 Reps


On to the final workout! YAYYY!! Get this on a comfortable weight and work up from there, adding weight on each set. This is the last exercise so really go for it! Then you can go home and watch Spongebob.

Keep your back flat against the padding and place the arm padding in a position so when you reach the top of the rep it about 2 inches above your shoulders, so to use the full range of movement available and make sure you imagine you are a majestic eagle, slowly flapping your way to some mystical place where you aren’t sweating your tits off.  You will feel this one right away but just grit your teeth and get it done.

My weird lip twitch goes crazy on this one leaving my gym partner in stitches, I have grown to accept this now as just a “thing,” yeah I look weird,  but fuck it, I can go home once I finish this set!

You should be able to smash through this in 30-40 minute if the equipment is available, so have fun and get it done!