Top 5 Top 5 Top 5 – Pre Workouts for skinny folk!

Why use a pre-workout?

Come on guy’s, lets be honest about it, sometimes it is really hard to get together the gusto to get up and go! There are days when you just cannot be bothered. Are you lazy? Naa, your only human and can only do so much! That’s what I tell myself when my bed’s calling, or there’s is a new episode of some trash T.V I manage to fill the off time with, I mean, I don’t even like it its just there. Unavoidable. 

There’s a part of me that always remember’s why I go to the gym, I WANT TO BE BIGGER! Even knowing this it helps to have a little something extra to get you pumped. Having something new to try or a routine building up to your mega gym session will help you to achieve the mind state needed in order to fully focus, push and achieve.

Pre-Workout is a powdered mix which usually includes creatine and caffeine, along with a lump of other nutritional ingredient’s designed to give you focus and energy and reduce tiredness and fatigue, taken about 30 minutes before your session.

Where the quality of the product’s really show’s through is when you are in the gym. Giving you the foundation for a great workout and pushing you through out.

TO THE TOP 5!!!!

5.Bulk Powders – Complete Pre Workout (Caffine Free)

completepouch320x400_2_86.jpgThis is a fantastic alternative for the extra health conscious or those with special dietary requirements as it is suitable for those who need to find a product which is suitable for vegetarians, its GM free, Dairy free, gluten free and lactose free, so covers all needs!

For me, the fact it is caffeine free really sealed the deal, I seem to be, and know many other’s are, rather sensitive to caffeine. I can be left with sleepless nights after touching a red bull at 8am, which just pisses me off, quite rightly too.

In the sack you get over 18g of different ingredients, 5g BCAA in 3:1:1, 3g Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate, 3g Citrulline Malate,3g Beta Alanine,3g Creatine Monohydrate. These ingredients all work together actively to give you a real boost in energy and focus on the task at hand, which I felt instantly and never stopped until after my workout, the energy soars through you the whole time!

The only issue I had was with the price, a lot of the time they only had the small bag in and this is 100g for £7.99, about 5 servings. Could really burn a hole in your pocket if you were wanting to use every day like I do! It is this that marks it down for me. I am not balling like that.


Cop yours on the link!  Bulk Powders – Complete Pre Workout (caffeine free)

4. Raze Pre-Workout


The thing I really like is about Raze products is how open and honest they are about their ingredients, you can always look on the site and know that if there is anything you may be sensitive to, everything is listed for you and seem’s to give a better description of the effects of the mix you are about to neck.

I boast’s an impressive 220mg of caffeine, 500mg glucoronaltone, 5g of BCAA’a for recovery and growth and 4g of creatine along with plenty of extra help to recover, focus you and give you that turbo charge needed.

Now I found this product great for recovery and energy, but compared to others I had tried it didn’t seem to have the focus element nailed down.Maybe it was just me being lazy for once, but I just didn’t feel it as I have with others. As I use all the products under the same conditions I can only really put it down to this!


Get it here! Raze Pre Workout

3.Muscle Tech -Cell Tech


Now this for me is a bit hardcore, the casing is flash and almost gives you a boost just to look at! Fantastic design! But I did feel this may be a bit much and maybe send me into some kind of Pre-workout overdose state, in the gym looking like a lil coke fiend! Its not THAT bad, definitely gets the results but prepare to feel a bit odd!

It has a great mix in this one and can compete with any competitors for the true provider of superhuman like powers. You get 3g creatine, 1g BCAA’s, 1.5g tourine and much more! But the levels of ingredients in each serving are plenty enough to get you in the zone.

I found this product impressive in most ways, instantly I had energy and felt alert, peaking my up like a meercat and ready to really get to work. The recovery was great muscle wise when used along side a protein shake so these aspects I was more than happy. Its the just the bit in between I wasn’t too fond of.

I think some of the ingredients may be too strong and after about an hour after taking the blend I would come over feeling a little funny, like I was above myself looking down at myself trying to work out! As if I was going to pass out, maybe a lil queezy but an odd sensation like when you have too much caffeine in a morning.

I still rate this product and its worth you trying as it may have just been my body that didn’t agree with it! I still got to finish my workout and work harder get the extra push, even with the side effect. The reviews are all great! Great price too, that why it get the extra marks!


Get yours here! Muscle Tech – Cell Tech

2. Bulk Powders – Complete Pre-Workout (with caffeine)

Complete Pre-Workout™

This one is great, almost a tie for that prolific top spot on my list! Created by the trusted guys over at Bulk powders, so you know its quality gear. It seems to balance everything very well with not too much of a surge to make you feel odd, but the focus comes through right away!

With all the extra’s needed to guarantee you the best workout of your life, Bulk Powders have done a great job. You get 5g of BCAA’s, 3g of Leucine, caffeine, 400mg L Tyrosine and more to deliver the energy direct to you. Now other brand’s can boast the same amounts and more, but the quality of the ingredients is very important and this product seems to just do the job so very well!

The first thing I noticed was the itchy ears! So weird, all tingly, I thought there was something wrong me me at first as it was the first time I had experienced this, I started saying goodbye to my friends and family, righting my wrong’s in life, praying to god, but fortunately my prayers must have been answered and it stopped before I could send out the deep messages. PHEW!

The workout is great on this stuff and really gives you the boost you need to get off your lazy ass and get out and make those gains! Focus and energy comes on within 15 minutes and lasts through out your workout, fantastic stuff.


Get it here! Bulk Powders – Complete Pre-Workout

1. My Protein – MYPRE

11047053-1064465674352575 (1).jpg

This is the SHIT! The most explosive I have every tried, and I’ve tried a lot! The workout on this stuff is fantastic I use it nearly every day! For me, the balance of energy and the ability to really get you in the zone when you just ain’t feeling it is something that is invaluable! This does exactly what I need to help get my lazy ass up and sweating!

In the blend you get 4g of Creatine, 400mg Caffeine, 4g amino acids and a mix of vitamins and minerals to fight off that tiredness that little bit extra, much needed when pushing yourself as much as we do! I would say it is the most complete of all the pre-workouts I have tried and tops the rest on price also, My Protein always have offer’s on, especially when buying with your proteins and other products.

The flavors are incredible too, really fruity and tasty and mix incredibly well with water, especially good with ice cold water though! The flavors include Sour Apple, Lemon and Lime, Watermelon, Raspberry Lemonade, Orange, Grape and Blue Raspberry.

My workout intensity was massively improved with this product, never feeling lethargic in the gym and hardly resting between rep’s was made all the more easier. I have a tendency to sit and people watch in the gym, but with this fuel, I was on it!

The caffeine and other energy boosting ingredients work at the RIGHT TIME, which is very important, you don’t wanna be sat in bed at 3am thinking about how great your workout was, unable to switch off, you want to be recovering and getting those gains! Don’t worry about this with the MRPRE though, It injects you with your boost during exercise. GENIUS!



I hope this helped you decide!

Any questions just ask!





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