Top 5 Top 5 Top 5 – Mass Gainer Products!!

Why I went for a mass gainer

If you are like me and really struggle to hold onto weight, always dropping down to paper weight if you don’t eat like a pig for a few days. At the beginning of my search for the best mass gainer for me I came in at a measly 9.6 stone, I always had been around that weight and really needed help. I wanted to get to a happy place and not floating away in draft caused by opening a door too fast.

So I tried a few different products, some with success, some with disappointment. The product descriptions always boasted extra mass, quicker recovery, tried and tested, all sounding great, but it really comes down to you and your body chemistry. Its important to remember that what may work for one person, doesn’t always work for another.

What are they?

So Mass gainers are usually a combination of large measuring of proteins, carbohydrates and Whey. These components aid muscle growth and weight gain, meaning that if you up your dosage of these your body is getting the extra fuel’s it needs to really take you to the next level. Especially if you are putting your all in at the gym, when you come to recover from the hammering, your body has all it needs to rebuild bigger and better than before.

These products are designed to be used alongside a healthy, balanced diet, usually if you are looking to bulk up you would up your calorie intake and use the shake as a supplement as it wont give you the nutrition that your body needs after exercise to make the most of the thrashing your body has taken by its self.

I do feel that people may rely on these products as a cure for weight loss and use them as a meal replacement. It wasn’t until I upped my diet with the right foods that I really started seeing a difference using mass gainers.

My Top 5 Mass Gainers!


5. My Protein – Vegan Weight Gainer11376706-1344445398141719.jpeg

I was recommended this product by a friend who used it and loved it. After experiencing stomach issues with the last gainer I decided to try the vegan option. This option doesn’t include dairy products which can lay heavy on your stomach and to help those who are lactose intolerant.  Also it is low on fat and sugar which we really don’t need anyway, you get this from practically everything else you buy from a store!


This mix gives a great 29g of brown rice proteins and 400 calories, which I was really excited to try as it was something different. The taste doesn’t really have much to it which is rather disappointing, just bland which can sometimes make it harder to force down.However it does mix very well and my stomach seems to handle it much better. Now this product is stacked full carbs but can be taken in higher amounts as its easily digestible.

My recovery times also improved using this protein, managing to go to the gym twice in a day at times and feeling great for it. Unfortunately something was missin which came back to curse me, I actually lost the weight I had gained from prior gainers even though I have upped my diet to balance it out. So great for muscle recovery but not so great for bulking. As simply a protein supplement I would have given it 5 stars, but as a bulker, not great.


Buy it here! My Protein – Vegan Gainer

4. Nutrabolics IsoGainer


So I was attracted to this one mainly because of how favorable the reviews were and it just kept popping up when I was looking for a gainer. It boast’s really high levels of amino acids which are shown to help muscle growth, included carbohydrates and proteins along with nutrabolics very own mix for energy.

At first I saw great results, my recovery and weight were both improved and I felt very positive that this was my new favorite product! But this seem to level out after a few weeks and I stopped seeing improvement, which was disappointing. I carried on with it and switched my diet up a bit to kick start some growth but nothing happened. I cried for weeks. Having looked into it compared to others it wasn’t the highest carb amounts by some way.

Its mix’s just okay, I found sometimes there would be clumps in my shake! which was disappointing but the taste was still good enough to force it down.


Buy it here! Nutrabolics ISoGainer

3. Dymatize – Elite Mass Gainer


I chose this one due to my search for a higher calorie gainer. You get 600 calories, 55g of protein and egg proteins, which was something I wanted to try out as everyone knows eggs are the best. I love egg’s, Eating 2-3 boiled eggs a day and loving life…I digress.

Another very interesting point about this gainer is that its 99% sugar free, something I had worried about with the very sweet shakes I had been subjecting myself to before. Sugar is bad guys and its everywhere, I didn’t need to be adding a tonne of it a day to my diet.


This was a really good product, the mix was great with hardly any residue left behind. the taste was quality and really smooth! Fantastic. It took a bit more time for my skinny frame to see a difference but there was definitely improvement, nothing drastic unfortunately.

I must say it did give me a bit of a stomach issue, get me??? It seemed to be a bit rough on my gut after a few month’s of usage and I couldn’t use it anymore because of this. This doesn’t seem to be an issue for everyone though, so may just me my body that was sick of it. gassing off all over the place!

An extra bonus with this product is that its sugar, gluten and fat free! So a really good option to the extra diet conscious bunch out there!


Get yours here! Dymatise – Elite Mass Gainer

2. Bulk Powders – Informed Mass


After loosing some well earned mass from my use of a former product, I needed to try to pile it back on asap and become a lump. I researched more and found a product that interested me from a company I had used before, Bulk Powders. This one had a massive 45g protein, 74g of carbohydrates and creatine to help boost your performance.

It mixed fantastically and though a little sweet to taste, it was easily drinkable. Taste is so important when considering you may be downing this juice 2-3 times a day.


It did everything, I started to gain weight going from 9.9 stone to 10.2 in the space of a few weeks, which is a big deal for me! Finally over 10 stone!!! My recovery after exercise was improved too, I no longer felt tired or run down after working out all week, sometimes without rest days! I was beating my personal best week on week as well and feeling great about it.

I did find the product a bit heavy on the stomach after a while though, as I have experienced before with other products. Meaning I had to cut down my intake so not to irritate my precious bowels any further. This may just me be and my weak ass stomach but who knows!


Get yours here! Bulk Powders – Informed Mass

1.My Protein – Hard Gainer Extreme

10615587-7504357599889545 (1).jpg

Now on to my favorite, the beast in a bag, the macadamia nut, the biggest of all the big dogs, the hands down winner of this category, Hard gainer extreme! For me by far the best mass gainer I have tried.

With a ridiculous 35g of protein, 61g of carbohydrates and a crazy 446 calories per serving, it really does weigh in the at the top of its game. With this you also get 5g of creatine and L-Glutamine to help with energy and recovery.

This one really worked for me, blended really well with milk and water which is a plus, sometimes with water they just don’t taste right but this has the perfect texture and consistency to pull it off, even with room temperature water! It caused me no problems with my stomach and I was able to go workout and go about my day right after.

the extra protein, carbs and calories really showed in my results, my weight went from around 10 stone to 10.8 stone within a few weeks while using this product twice a day alongside my usual diet. My recovery time was good and I didn’t really get the hunger I would usually an hour after taking.

With this shake I feel a real difference is that it slowly releases the ingredients, leaving you feeling fuller for longer. Because you eat a lot more when trying to bulk you stretch your stomach, the effect of this for me is that I feel painfully hungry very quickly, this seems to suppress the hunger a bit which is great, allowing you to concentrate on other things, like extreme ironing or laying in your own filth.


Cop your sack here! My Protein – Hard Gainer Extreme

I hope this helped you choose the best gainer for you!

Let me know if there are any you think I should try!




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