Review Time – My Protein’s MYPRE!! Itchy Ears?

Sometimes it can be really hard to build up the extra energy and excitement for hitting the gym, especially after a hard days graft or just being alive, It can be hard man, some of us are just on the edge of laziness. We try our best but there are moments when we doubt out own performance and tinker with the idea of leaving it for the day. Sleeping is great!

Personally, I find that if I am feeling particularly lackluster, which happens from time to time, if I have something to make me focus on like new to try it gives me the extra drive needed. So I toyed with the idea of a pre-workout, I had heard they are great and wanted to see what they could do for me.

Whenever I had thought about pre-workouts before I imagined it would be a bit intense, eyes popping out of my head, sweating and babbling away at about 100x an hour! Loads of caffeine which put me off and all a bit serious for your everyday gym fellah! So I started to read up on reviews and information before I started. They don’t sound “that” bad, extra energy and concentration in a drink? I tend to babble and sweat anyway so just gimmi that energy!!!


To the product!!

After much reading up I opted to go with a pre-workout from a company I knew and trusted. My Proteins MYPRE. The reviews came across very well and something I always look for are people’s issues and side effects, especially with a product that contains a heap of caffeine. Caffeine I feel effect’s me strongly and wont let me drift off to sleep even if I have had it upon waking up, it just wont let me go to slumber town!

the price is around £21.24 over at My Protein, which may sound kinda steep, I would say though it does seems to last ages and took me over two months to get through. Its not the cheapest but I would say it is the best I have tried, so really you do get what you pay for here.

What the F is it?

People who use pre-workout’s are usually looking for help in gaining focus and an energy boost to get them through a workout. So these types of product’s are always packed with energy rich ingredients for energy and vitamins to help brain function allowing you to focus on your workout and not be drifting off watching a bee fly past the window. Which I tend to do…yeah, my attention span is not the best.

In the MYPRE blend you get an absolute ton of the ingredients to help you have the best workout of your life!

  • Creatine (4g)
  • Caffeine (400mg)
  • Amino Acids (4g)
  • Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin B6, B12, Niacin and Riboflavin which contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.
  • 3g of Beta Alanine, L-Citrulline Malate, L-Arginine, D Aspartic Acid, and Betaine.

It also comes in a wide range of flavors, I tried the raspberry lemonade mix. Other flavors include Sour Apple, Lemon and Lime, Watermelon, Orange, Grape and Blue Raspberry.

Put it to the test!

Let have ittt!!! It’s time to see if this product could really turn me into a gym machine! I was really excited to try this, after reading the reviews and seeing how it helps other’s. This is something that gets me hype’d to head out and put myself to the test in the gym.


So I mixed the product, 2 scoops with out 500ml of water, it tasted great! Very fruity and refreshing. It seemed to mix with water perfectly, leaving no dust or clumps behind once lightly shook. No problem at all drinking this every day!

The first thing I noticed after about 30 minutes was that my ears would start to tingle and itch, sometimes my arms would get slightly itchy, not to the point I was scratching my arms and body like a drug addict, just an odd sensation. A strange reaction, which after looking into it is caused by the caffeine hit.


My workout was definitely improved. I felt a real boost leading up to and during my workout. Huge difference, all I wanted to do was get in the gym and work, and during I just wanted to keep going and pushing myself. This was a real revelation for me! Really becoming part of my routine in the build up to hitting the gym. Fantastic stuff! Getting me in the zone, Showing the benefits of the ingredients in helping my concentration and focus which I sometimes find hard.


It just made me want to do more. Knowing I had this product fueling me on really showed me what I can do, extra reps, extra time in gym, extra weight’s, all leading to better results, its the reason we do it!


After the workout was improved too, sometimes being able to go back for a second session in the same day! I would feel the tiredness kick in still but it was delayed, it would be a few hours before I would feel sleepy even knowing how much work I had put in that day!

The one thing I was worried about was getting to sleep after working out, fortunately for me with this product it didn’t cause a problem as the caffeine seems to loose its effects after working it off, which would all be done in the gym with the extra effort I was putting in! For me this is becoming the perfect product for my body chemistry and a real staple of my workout!

I would become intensely hungry within on an hour of finishing up at the gym which seems to be a side effect. I am looking to gain weight myself so this is just another advantage of the product as I would rush to get those extra calories in me and my protein shake.

Final words!

I really cannot rave enough about MYPRE, it really has helped me in my quest to be the best version of me, giving me that extra push to go extra hard on everything that comes my way. I have tried other products but this is the best of them all.

Taste  de228-five-stars.png

Effectiveness de228-five-stars.png

Price 4-stars.jpg

So overall, taste’s great, mixes great, gives for a greatly improved, energized performance and is reasonably priced. Definitely one to try if you are looking to try get the most you can out of yourself!

Get yours here! My Protein MYPRE.

Cheers for reading!






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