Friday – Another week done! Have we missed something? Yikes! LEGS!

So we made it this far, we have done every part of the upper body in 4 days. If you made it this far, congratulations! You are an absolute winner! If you haven’t and want the check out the other routines for the ultimate weeks workout they are all available on my blog.

There is a problem though, there is one workout remaining that I have kept very quiet about, as I don’t want you to be thinking negatively about how you are going to spend your time in the gym at the end of the week. I hate to break it to you, but, are you sat down?  Today we have to do legs! I know you can hear the sirens blazing and the see your brains hazard warning lights blinking at an uncontrollable speed, but damn it we have to do it!

OK so maybe I am being a little bit dramatic, but I do not really enjoy leg day and its one of the last things I think about, hence it being the last exercise of the week. Once I get to doing it I am fine and wonder why I was so dead against it. For me it is a problem area and I really should work harder on it. So think positive thoughts, get some high energy music on and put in that work! For today’s music  I have opted for Rage Against The Machine – Battle of LA, it really does help me to get angry about my skinny pins, mouthing the lyrics while I hit those squats.

My legs are an area I really need to prove, due to the long term niggling injuries I have picked up playing football, sometimes after playing I cannot do legs for a few days and this throws me off, when I say throw’s me off I mean I miss them out completely, what a shame.

I am very paranoid about this area of my body and tend to wear trousers to the gym at all time’s. Summer is coming though and I will have to get them out soon! I recall when I was about 23 years old and some chav’s called me sparrow legs, I laughed at the time as I was working on them. Nowadays I just look like Spongebob, a human triangle or one of those pot dogs with the string legs that used to sit on the mantelpiece.


As I look to improve this area I will be taking pictures and keeping you all updated while I battle the skinny pin syndrome, and build a solid pair of support stilts.

To the gym!

Right, the pre-game meal, nothing too heavy but packed with energy to get you going and get the strength in those legs. I have gone for 2 fried eggs with herbs on brown toast, couple of tangerines, a protein shake and a cup of hot Oolong tea. Its filling but not heavy which is perfect as the last thing I need right now is feeling more like I could just have a lil sleepy rather than go and attack the gym. The sun’s shining and I’m smiling. I AM READY!

The workout

So today we are really going to push this to the limit, every rep is going to be the most you can do, come on, we are only doing this once a week! Hit everything with everything you’ve got and see the results. Your glutes are your biggest muscles and can do a hell of a lot more than you think! Also for me legs seem to take the most effort to make a difference in size, therefore try to forget that you are not going to be moving so quickly for a few days after and think about the benefits, bigger, stronger and better looking pegs!!

The reps for the below exercises will be 4 sets of 10, start at a weight that you are comfortable with and add 5kg each time for the next 3 sets. Everyone is different here and and the weights for these will vary, but don’t worry if you are on low weights, concentrate on technique, especially with squats, use your thighs! If you aren’t doing it right then you wont get the results you so desire!

The workout I will be following today was found over at project next, their site includes nutrition information, videos, schedule’s and so much more, its a great site with a wealth of information.


I have just come back from following this regime and I cannot feel my legs. I mean, who puts a gym in a glorified  cellar? those stairs are a joke! I do feel happy and thoroughly worked though which is a positive. I could easily have a sleep now! If I do, I’ll be smiling away to myself, until tomorrow, when I will raising my fist to the sky and screaming “WHY GODDD! WHYYYYY.”

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did….

Have a great weekend yo!









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