Thank f**k its…Thursday? ARMS!

hIts finally here, my favorite day of the week, the one you’ve been waiting for, the big dogg of them all, ITS ONLY  EVERYONE’S FAVORITE DAY! ARMS DAY! Don’t get me wrong I am a big fan of most days of the week, but this is by far the most anticipated! Really push yourself today to see the benefits tomorrow, if you leave it another day you will never make that change. Complain if you want that its too hard, as long as your arms are still working while you moan, you are winning!

Going to the gym and looking at your arm’s thinking that they look like string can really bust your self esteem, this is the situation I was in for a long time until I really started to concentrate on them. I would work out and they would look huge! well, huge for my standards, but within a couple of hours they had withered away to the lackluster mass they had before. Then my change came, switching my diet, upping calories and using shakes. Always being sure when I was working out I was using various exercises so to hit every point of the muscle.

Now don’t get me wrong, I still have this issue but the mass is retained for a longer period, say a week, before they loose their new found superpowers. As shown in my workouts before I like to add biceps and triceps exercises onto the end of working other key areas, so to keep that pump up.

For skinny folk this seems to be an issue and a product that has really impressed me so far in keeping those damn muscles on has been My Protein Hard Gainer Extreme, using this, alongside diet and exercise, I have seen my weight raise and gain mass. Check out my full review here! Also for a short time I used BCAA plus tablets which really worked in retaining mass, but unfortunately side effect’s forced me to drop them. check my review of BCAA’s here!!


Today’s workout mainly is taken from a page I found on Facebook, Gym Workout Chart, they offer daily workouts for all muscle groups, which is fantastic if you get bored like me and like to switch it up, definitely like their page as I have found some great workouts on there! A lot of the schedules show exactly which part of the muscle you are working too so you don’t have to research this, time saver! If you don’t work the full muscle you will never gain that much sought after mass!


For biceps I followed the below schedule, I go fast,  15 reps for the first set, 12 for the second set, 10 for the 3rd then as many more as I could do for the 4th set. My weight starts of at 20kg and goes up 2.5kg with each set. The burn on this is incredible and you will end with jelly arms, which is why we are here isn’t it? The definition you will get from this exercise is incredible as you are being sure to hit every point of your muscle.

661aa217eb0c7b0cd718341a0dfa1403 (1).jpg


On to the triceps! Now after going so hard on the biceps this is going to be touch, not gunna lie, you are probably going to hate it and me for suggesting it but push through and you will have really achieved, unable to feel your arms, but still you can be proud! Thank me later!

Up the weight to starting at 30kg per rep and work up from there, same as before, 15 reps, 12 reps, 10 reps then as many as possible. Really concentrate on getting the right technique here, your rep MUST always start from a straight arm or it doesn’t count, also you look like you don’t know what your doing! Don’t let people think you don’t know what your doing, even if you don’t really know what you are doing, this also applies to work, relationships and any time of peril.



Now if you feel you have a little left in the tank (If you do you are a maniac) You can add a a few extra’s to your workout, you savage! Try the below!

Grab a medicine ball, stand with your legs about shoulder width apart and hold the ball directly in front of you with straight arms, hold it there for as long as you can. This is a really good overall workout for arms and will also touch on your shoulder’s and trap’s I find. Repeat 3 times and try always try to beat your first and second go. I remember at school when these were punishment, its still a punishment.

Well my arms are a well and truly done for, they feel like they will never be the same again, exactly as I wanted!

Nice one!!







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