Midweek mayhem! Back and Triceps = Mega aches!

Attack, attack and attack some more!

Its officially midweek, and that mean’s we are half way through our 5 day plan! Today we are going get a sprint going towards the end of week. We will be focusing on really working all area’s of the back and some triceps work today.

After football last night and a great win for the mighty, ultra attacking Real Tired FC and a return to goal scoring form for myself, my legs are a bit battered from the hacks I received. Hopefully this wont effect my dead lift attempt’s today. If they do, I will return and cause serious damage the the thugs who orchestrated the assault on my shins, knee’s and ankles. Dick ed’s.


I always find working my back hurts the most and the angel wings at the back seem to ache for a few days but feels good. The lower back is something I have problems with, due to my work, apparent laziness and affinity for slumping, this area is prone to aches and stiffness. Something I will be going into another time is how practicing yoga help’s with this and after exercise and can enhance your workout.

Its a grim day out there today, looking out of my window all I see is a dreary, wet bricked apartment block and a bike that seems to have been blown about by the wind. It’s like a post apocalyptic scene. This does not fill me with excitement for the day ahead.

The motivation that comes from a bright, sunny, positive day is so far away today so I will have to turn to music to get me up for this. I have returned to Run the Jewels 3, so much energy, crazy beat’s and those rhyme schemes, my god! OK so now I am ready, who wouldn’t be with these guys in your ear, LETS GET IT!!! ATTACK!!

To the  workout!!!!

So for today’s back and triceps workout I will be again following a routine I have found online. There is such a wealth of advice and schedules out there it really is incredible, it helps to get a good few different schedules that you can keep switching between along with making your own, keep it fresh, fun and remember, If it gets to easy, switch it out!

I will be using my usual 15 reps, 12 reps, 10 reps then 8 reps routine for all of these exercises, upping the weight slightly each time, really pushing and ensuring correct form throughout. I cannot stress how important form is, especially when working the back, incorrect form can put you out for weeks. Believe me, I know!


I am always surprising myself with how much I can do on both of these sections, another of my favorite areas to work. They are really big muscles and when worked correctly, can look incredible. The triceps are the biggest part muscle of the arm and seem to be overlooked so often. If you have huge biceps and flat triceps your gunna look a damn fool, balance them out man! Always use more weight for working triceps than you would with biceps, using a full extension with every rep and you WILL surprise yourself!



For back always go big with the weights, apart from when doing the lower back as it is the easiest to cause damage and have you walking like a pencil for a few days. I find it best to do a lower weight and more reps, aiming to perfect your technique with every rep, this will work wonders on your back and also leave you able to continue with your workout’s for the rest of the week, along with other “passionate” exercises, if you know what I mean…eyyyyyyy


The schedule’s for today were found at workoutbox, they have so many great workout routines and information over there, really good stuff! Shout out to those guys!

I Hope you enjoyed this and if you did the workout, let me know if you have any tips or ideas to add as I will be publishing my own schedules shortly!






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