Tuesday favorites – Chest, Bicep’s and footy!

The Plan

So its Tuesday, the week’s well underway and its time to work on the next set of workouts. Today I will be launching a siege on my chest and bicep’s, then footy tonight! I like to work these sets together as it feels the most natural to do so, also with Friday being so very far away, this is a group of my favorite muscles to work. I find them the most satisfying to do and always come away from the gym with a smile.

Knowing I have to play footy tonight means I will be staying well away from working the legs. I hate to play badly or feel that I don’t have the energy to keep running around like Wile e. Coyote. My stamina is one of my main strength’s. There are many more but I am not going to toot my own trombone right now.

Also I like to do the bicep workout light just to keep the arms woke as I find after a few days without working them they start to fade away like Marty McFly at the end of Back to the future. The big arms day comes on Thursday! YAY


Lets go!

OK so I’m awake, I’ve had my usual sit and think about the world and how much I would love to close my eyes, pulled myself through that and got up and ready to go. My stomach is still aching from yesterdays workout, shoulders are a bit tight too but this just makes me feel better, proves I’m doing something and fighting for more.

For breakfast today, again I feel like I need some nutrient boost to get me poppin, so opted for peanut butter and banana on toast, 2 kiwi’s and a tangerine! I feel so alive when I eat like this, knowing that what your putting in is good, mentally and physically. Eating too heavy in morning really does make me struggle and I will be slumping around like a dirty marshmallow for the rest of the day. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a banging full English breakfast, but try save these for the days off. I cannot wait for my next day off.

The workout!!

So me and my gym bro will be starting on chest, we tend to do 1 set of 15, put the weight up and do a set of 12, then up the weight again and do 10 and finish with a extra heavy weight for a set of 8. We both can be a bit lazy at time’s and talk too much so we try to push through quickly so to keep the blood pumping and get the full potential from each rep. I found the workout below online a few weeks ago and will be sticking with it for this weeks workout as it work’s each part of the muscles individually, hitting each and every part.

Today’s workouts were found and loved from the guy’s over at Iron Works, they have a huge range of schedules so if you are looking to switch it up but not sure what else to try to get that compete workout, head over there and check them out on Iron Works Birmingham’ blog, link below



Chest out of the way and titties on full beam, we move onto a little spot of Biceps. I love doing arms with a passion were as my gym bruh seem’s to hate it, so after the chest workout we will take it easy by doing 3 sets on each exercise, 15 on the first, 12 on the second and 10 on the last one, not on a super heavy weight, but enough to really feel it using the proper technique.  Just blast through it, 8 exercises can be a bit daunting after already doing one chest section, but just do it, stop being a puss.


After this workout you are going to feel a really good burn across the whole of the top of your body, the arms will feel worked but not overly. Hopefully in the morning your tiddies are going to hurt when you walk down the stairs, lets call them pec’s not tiddies, sounds more manly. Enjoy it! And if the burn stop’s after doing this workout a couple of times, switch it up! Shock the muscles back into life in order to feel the full benefits/ache.

After this would be a good time to go for a run but as I have to play football tonight I’ll be saving myself for that. Gotta bag a some goals haven’t I!










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