Monday Blue’s – Shoulder and Stomach Session

Its a new week! Full of promise,  excitement and energy!

Naa, not me, yet. After two days of doing pretty much nothing, laying back with the Lady, watching old films mostly and eating all the foods we are told not to, but what do they know. Do I feel bad? NOPE. I would do it all again in an instant, bliss.

I am usually pretty sluggish on a Monday and need to get motivated to get on the gym thing, especially first thing! Choosing your breakfast carefully can be a big help and mentally set’s you up to go and attack your day. Today I opted for peanut butter on protein rich bread along with a banana and an Oolong tea, this worked a treat. Off we go! Cannot wait around and waste this natural, nutritional boost I just subjected myself to.

The attack plan

OK, breakfast out of the way and I’m ready for an all out attack on the gym, I’m gunna put it in a headlock! The plan for today is to work two key areas, stomach and shoulders. You will see as I go through my weeks schedule in future articles that I like to work in two’s, so stomach and shoulders today, chest and Biceps tomorrow, back and Triceps Wednesday, a more focused Bicep’s and Tricep arm session on Thursday then legs by themselves on a Friday, legs is on its own as after that I just want to lay down and think happy thoughts. Also I have a the weekend to get the feeling in my legs back.


For this week I chose to start with stomach and shoulders using programmes I found online. After filling up on a copious amounts of both healthy and unhealthy food for two days, which always lye’s on the gut, it feels good to concentrate on that problem area and hopefully set me up for the week!

The workout


Starting with the stomach. I like to do these exercise’s at a fast pace to get the sweat going and really feel a burn. As an area I am looking to improve I’m working extra hard on these and making sure my technique is perfect. Do this at home or at the gym, ask a PT if you cannot feel a burn.With the knee crunches and cross crunches I like to use a 10kg medicine ball or weight disk to add extra resistance. I guarantee after this workout you will be wet as a dog in sweat.



For the shoulders I find it better to use a slightly lighter weight in an effort to get the perfect technique and really work those muscles. For some reason I find shoulders one of the hardest workouts to perfect and for some reason when I push upwards at the right angle, part of my lip raises too, yes I look odd when I do it, but there is nothing I can do about it! Just keep your head down if you have this very odd reaction to raising.

For the below start with 15 reps on a very comfortable weight, 12 reps on a slightly harder weight the 10 reps on a heavy weight, really push yourself on the last one, you will feel great when you manage it and will see the benefits after!


every couple of weeks I will be varying these exercise along with my own programmes and switching them up. I find my muscles get used to certain movements quickly and don’t get the burn I did before. Never get too comfortable, don’t be a dead fish in a stream, going with the flow. Nobody wants to be a dead fish.

I hope you enjoy this workout and if you have any tips to switch it up, let me know!




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