Lets review My Protein Hard Gain Extreme then! Just one side effect this time!

It sounds a bit hardcore, what is it?

So you’re looking into gaining weight, there are so many powders and supplements that boast the ability to do this for you.  My Protein Hard Gain Extreme is one of the product’s from a leading brand promising to help you get those calories in! Along with a heap of other beneficial ingredients. If like me you sometimes don’t have time to cook extra food or just cannot bring yourself to eat anymore, but know you have to force in the extra calories to reach your goals!

Another option is you could get a girlfriend who forces you to eat more by calling you a little bitch if you cannot finish that second serving, now this does work I promise you this, nobody wants to be undermined at the dinner table like that. If you can get these kind of enthusiastic, motivational speeches on the daily, mix it with this product and you are onto a winner.

Along with a whopping 35g of protein per serving you get 61g of carbohydrates, 446 calories, 5g of creatine, L-Glutamine and other various vitamins in every 125g serving. As you can see a real mix of products shown to build and maintain muscle growth but also has the ingredients that help you with you immediate recovery from your vigorous workouts.

It comes in a range of 6 flavours, I am sure all of these are fantastic but the first time I ordered this product the one I went for was the Mint chocolate, and its so good I have stuck with it since. If you are a fan mint choc chip ice cream then this is the one for you, even with water it tastes incredibly good, and after meals it acts as a good sweet replacement to deserts, giving your sweet tooth the fix it needs.

Reasons for choosing

Well to look like this, OBVIOUSLY!!


Naa the above is too far, is it even real? looks like he has mumps in his whole upper body!

As the type who has NEVER been able to gain weight and seemingly in a lifelong mission to find a bulk gainer, that will help me to not only get bigger, but actually keep the weight on once it appears on my body I opted for My Protein Hard Gainer Extreme. I had seen from the reviews that it was working for a lot of people, now these people mostly seemed to have been reaching for slightly different goals, but with the description, favorable reviews and praise the product was getting I thought I would give it a go. Why not huh?

I was looking to be able to primarily gain weight using this product, but also with my workout schedule and diet, be able to see the results in muscle gain and performance in the gym!

So is it actually good?

The Mint choc chip flavor is so good and though very sweet as you would expect with this flavor it is not something I have got sick of, some products I have tried I have been dreading from the moment I open my eyes and feel like I could gag just at the sight of that big sack of protein sat on the counter. It mixes with water and milk surprisingly well, hardly any lumps in it without having to shake it too vigorously, which again I have found some just wont mix and you waste half of the serving stuck on the sides of your bottle!

Within a week I was seeing results, not just in how I was looking but also how I felt in myself. I was staying full for a lot longer than usual after meals and felt my gains would stay for the day after I had worked out, with the post pump gain hanging around rather than feeling like I had never stepped foot in gym or lifted my arms by the end of the day! This is great!

My weight had improved from my previous gains, various other products had got me from a measly 9.6 stone to much more acceptable 10.1 stone, but never managed to keep the weight.  I was now heading up to 10.8 stone, on my way to becoming a big lump of muscle, exactly as I hoped it would. Gym performance was better also upping weights and feeling really positive about the direction I am heading!

I am always excited to weigh in now, see if I have upped on those scales and would be able to smile at myself for the extra achievements, maybe get a few hi-fives from random people on the way home! Reaching for your targets and actually hitting them is the greatest feeling, especially when you have been trying for so long and suddenly a product click’s and everything comes together.

Side effects tho…

Yes this product is great and does exactly what it says on the tin. It tastes good, really, really good, mixes well and the results have been great. For me though, there is a but, of late I haven’t had the best relationship with spicy foods and have had to cut out something very dear me, something I thought I couldn’t live without, something I think about every day…Jalapeno Hummus, its just the greatest thing, but my stomach really didn’t agree with my passion for it, I think you know what I’m getting at here.


The shake was having the same effect as the spicy foods had been, only when I had the shakes before bed though, I would wake up about 5am and get the cramps, run off to the bathroom and, yeah you know the rest. And the same for the rest of the day. This was a problem as I felt I really needed to be having them late on at night so my body would be able to work through the concoction through the night rather than the precious muscle I had gained.

I counteracted this by simply cutting down a small amount to having 1 shake in the morning then 1 shake right after I work out, this worked out fine and now, sticking to this routine the gains are still coming and I am having no problems sleeping like a normal person and fine through out the day, WAAHOOO!!

Has anyone else had these issues? If so how did you cure it!

You can get My Protein Hard Gainer Extreme here!













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