Lets have a look at a journey, from skinny to weird fat to skinny to toned to bulking.

Why I started the change?

My body transformation has been years in the making, maybe I was lazy, maybe I was busy, maybe I had just settled for what I had, probably a mixture of the three but a higher percentage of lazy, probably a 50% 25% and 25% split of the three. I just didn’t really have it in me, It all came to a point when I was approaching 29 years old and started to notice that my usually just skinny body was starting to verge on the skinny fat look, you know that area 51 alien autopsy body coming in, nobody needs that! That’s a dad body and I am no way ready for that! Sorry father, not right now.


Here I am, being visited by some celebrities, they woke me up!

OK so it wasn’t that bad, and I am not bald yet, but I could see it happening, and this was scary for me, (as it is for anybody) my metabolism is so fast but was seeming to be slowing in one area, the stomach, not evenly across my body, just a pouch in the middle. Damn.


So the above is a real picture of me back then, skinny, you can see the pouch forming, needed to get out of that rut, acceptance and stop thinking of myself as being kinda weak. fast as hell, but not strong, nope.

How I started

So I decided to start by shedding and getting rid of that gut that was forming. I began with changing my diet. I had been famous for my random meals at home; chicken nuggets, chips, garlic bread and spaghetti meatballs on the same plate was one of my signature dishes. So obviously this had to change, meatballs is still one of my favorite dishes, but the rest had to go!

I  cut down to switching between porridge and fruit for breakfast, maybe the odd Belvita biscuit, salad’s for lunch (without the dressing) and various combinations of stir fry for dinner. This was not easy for me, with my love for junk food and feeling hungry 80% of the time, but my drive to improve myself got me through it. I started to learn about food groups and nutrition more and more, educating yourself is very important and helps you in your drive to change.

I began to run a lot more alongside playing football, I started slow with a couple of miles 2-3 times a week, which was hard at first but I soon got into the swing of it, after a few weeks I was feeling much more comfortable over distance and feeling better about myself also, running 5-6 miles 3-4 times a week and loving it, just happier knowing that I hadn’t lost it. I used to do cross country for school so thinking you can’t do what you used to can really hurt your pride.

Next step’s

Once I had burnt that dreaded baby pig belly attached to me, I started on the gym and joined up to Pure Gym Leeds, there seemed to be a lot of people there for the same reason as me and it wasn’t too..serious. I was driven to better myself, happy with how the first results had come out and raring to go!

I would do 20 minutes on a treadmill then head to the weight machine’s for 40 minutes, starting with a mix of a few different muscle groups, not concentrating on one area just yet, easing into it. Not confident enough to go into the free weights section just for now, thought I’d be laughed outta the place!

Now this was all working great, I felt great, more energy, more alert, improved self confidence and proud of myself, as I was starting to grow a real passion and could not bare to miss a couple of days without my gym fix. I needed that release and with nothing to stop me, I was free to attack the gym as much as I felt necessary.

BUT there was something holding me back, yeah I felt stronger and better about how I looked, but I was not getting the gains I wanted. I had been stuck on the foods and portions I was eating when I was trying to loose weight! BIG MISTAKE! It was so obvious but until it was pointed out to me I didn’t even think.Dumb huh!

Realization and change in goals

I came to the realization that maybe I didn’t want to just get my old physique back, I wanted to be bigger, see how far I could push my body, so I was willing to try anything to try to bulk up, not with fat, but muscle, could I be a slightly shorter Arnie? Well maybe not but I am going to keep pushing myself to see what kind of transformation I could truly achieve. My weight had always been a problem, never close to or above 10 stone, time to start researching and trying new things.

I started looking into protein powders and supplements to help my cause, there are so many out there and I tried a lot, which I will be reviewing for you guys so you can see my experience and if you relate to my story so far, it may really help you!

Results this far!

So I hit the gym harder, daring to enter using free weights with all the big dog’s and following schedules found online and soon started creating my own which I will share with all of you. Soon afterwards I started to see changes using certain shakes, supplements and switching up my diet, mainly upping it with the right foods. Sometimes it is hard but you gotta remember what you are trying to do, its so easy to loose sight and not really push yourself.


This picture is me a couple of months ago in Barcelona, much more toned and happier, swear I could be the next Bond.

I wanted to be above 10 stone for the first time in my life.God damn it, I wont be pushed about by the wind anymore, or barged out the way by toddlers, I cannot be having that! I started at about 9.6 stone, through hard work and diet I have now reached 10.8 stone, which I am amazed by, having never believed I could.

My first goal had been achieved and it felt great, now I want to reach the promised land, my new aim of hitting 11 stone for the first time in my life, what I have achieved so far shows I can. Loving and living every moment and finding what works for me is my passion and WILL be reached.







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