Welcome to me!

Hi there, my names Chris,

My whole life I have been skinny and kinda on the short side, all the way through school and adult life, because of this I have had issues with self confidence,insecurities, self belief and anxieties that have been with me it seems forever in both my personal and working life, I still have these now but have decided of late to put everything into conquering this and becoming a better version of me,

I really do put my feeling’s about myself as the reason I have held myself back in life as I never BELIEVED I could be better than I was, I am too old to allow these to hold me back any longer as we just do not have time, I’m 30! life is for living and loving, being with people you care about and loving yourself, not for worrying and feeling insecure about the person you are or keeping your emotions bottled up, which I am brilliant at by the way! I suppose its a man thing, one of my most used descriptions of myself is that I am like a Swan, calm and serene on the surface but paddling like hell underneath! (this was even backed up by a palm reader who used the exact saying a matter of days after I last used it! freaky) so now I am going to be honest with all of you and put myself out there to help me and you, like a wet T-shirt on the washing line, just blowing about.

lately I have been pushing myself and my body to show that I really can achieve my aims physically as a healthy body really does assist a healthy mind, which has led me to write this blog, I want to show the world that it is possible as I know that there has to be lot of people out there who have the same issues, we have to do it now and live for now, our actions speak volumes about our attitudes and what we can become.

One of my main problems is being able to retain weight, however lazy and much I was eating, and I can eat a lot! my weight never got above 9.5 stone! light as a feather and I had kind of given up and believed that my weight is something that I will be stuck with forever, you know that feeling of hopelessness that you just accept it. I met someone who told me I can and showed me what I was doing wrong, and for that I am so grateful as I watched my weight go up and up through the RIGHT foods and hard work, over the period of a few months I had gone up to above 10 stone for the first time in my life! I couldn’t have been happier that I had actually achieved what I through was the impossible, now I weigh 10.8 and this is muscle! Its been a hard slug but I have made it this far!

My blog is going to mainly keep up to date with product reviews  and foods which I will be using to help and progress myself further, taking you on my continuing journey to happiness physically and mentally, along with all the pitfalls and stupid things I am sure I will get up to along the way!

Hopefully my passion, honesty and humor can help you too!

Feel free to ask any questions!






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