Top 5 Top 5 Top 5 – Pre Workouts for skinny folk!

Why use a pre-workout?

Come on guy’s, lets be honest about it, sometimes it is really hard to get together the gusto to get up and go! There are days when you just cannot be bothered. Are you lazy? Naa, your only human and can only do so much! That’s what I tell myself when my bed’s calling, or there’s is a new episode of some trash T.V I manage to fill the off time with, I mean, I don’t even like it its just there. Unavoidable. 

There’s a part of me that always remember’s why I go to the gym, I WANT TO BE BIGGER! Even knowing this it helps to have a little something extra to get you pumped. Having something new to try or a routine building up to your mega gym session will help you to achieve the mind state needed in order to fully focus, push and achieve.

Pre-Workout is a powdered mix which usually includes creatine and caffeine, along with a lump of other nutritional ingredient’s designed to give you focus and energy and reduce tiredness and fatigue, taken about 30 minutes before your session.

Where the quality of the product’s really show’s through is when you are in the gym. Giving you the foundation for a great workout and pushing you through out.

TO THE TOP 5!!!!

5.Bulk Powders – Complete Pre Workout (Caffine Free)

completepouch320x400_2_86.jpgThis is a fantastic alternative for the extra health conscious or those with special dietary requirements as it is suitable for those who need to find a product which is suitable for vegetarians, its GM free, Dairy free, gluten free and lactose free, so covers all needs!

For me, the fact it is caffeine free really sealed the deal, I seem to be, and know many other’s are, rather sensitive to caffeine. I can be left with sleepless nights after touching a red bull at 8am, which just pisses me off, quite rightly too.

In the sack you get over 18g of different ingredients, 5g BCAA in 3:1:1, 3g Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate, 3g Citrulline Malate,3g Beta Alanine,3g Creatine Monohydrate. These ingredients all work together actively to give you a real boost in energy and focus on the task at hand, which I felt instantly and never stopped until after my workout, the energy soars through you the whole time!

The only issue I had was with the price, a lot of the time they only had the small bag in and this is 100g for £7.99, about 5 servings. Could really burn a hole in your pocket if you were wanting to use every day like I do! It is this that marks it down for me. I am not balling like that.


Cop yours on the link!  Bulk Powders – Complete Pre Workout (caffeine free)

4. Raze Pre-Workout


The thing I really like is about Raze products is how open and honest they are about their ingredients, you can always look on the site and know that if there is anything you may be sensitive to, everything is listed for you and seem’s to give a better description of the effects of the mix you are about to neck.

I boast’s an impressive 220mg of caffeine, 500mg glucoronaltone, 5g of BCAA’a for recovery and growth and 4g of creatine along with plenty of extra help to recover, focus you and give you that turbo charge needed.

Now I found this product great for recovery and energy, but compared to others I had tried it didn’t seem to have the focus element nailed down.Maybe it was just me being lazy for once, but I just didn’t feel it as I have with others. As I use all the products under the same conditions I can only really put it down to this!


Get it here! Raze Pre Workout

3.Muscle Tech -Cell Tech


Now this for me is a bit hardcore, the casing is flash and almost gives you a boost just to look at! Fantastic design! But I did feel this may be a bit much and maybe send me into some kind of Pre-workout overdose state, in the gym looking like a lil coke fiend! Its not THAT bad, definitely gets the results but prepare to feel a bit odd!

It has a great mix in this one and can compete with any competitors for the true provider of superhuman like powers. You get 3g creatine, 1g BCAA’s, 1.5g tourine and much more! But the levels of ingredients in each serving are plenty enough to get you in the zone.

I found this product impressive in most ways, instantly I had energy and felt alert, peaking my up like a meercat and ready to really get to work. The recovery was great muscle wise when used along side a protein shake so these aspects I was more than happy. Its the just the bit in between I wasn’t too fond of.

I think some of the ingredients may be too strong and after about an hour after taking the blend I would come over feeling a little funny, like I was above myself looking down at myself trying to work out! As if I was going to pass out, maybe a lil queezy but an odd sensation like when you have too much caffeine in a morning.

I still rate this product and its worth you trying as it may have just been my body that didn’t agree with it! I still got to finish my workout and work harder get the extra push, even with the side effect. The reviews are all great! Great price too, that why it get the extra marks!


Get yours here! Muscle Tech – Cell Tech

2. Bulk Powders – Complete Pre-Workout (with caffeine)

Complete Pre-Workout™

This one is great, almost a tie for that prolific top spot on my list! Created by the trusted guys over at Bulk powders, so you know its quality gear. It seems to balance everything very well with not too much of a surge to make you feel odd, but the focus comes through right away!

With all the extra’s needed to guarantee you the best workout of your life, Bulk Powders have done a great job. You get 5g of BCAA’s, 3g of Leucine, caffeine, 400mg L Tyrosine and more to deliver the energy direct to you. Now other brand’s can boast the same amounts and more, but the quality of the ingredients is very important and this product seems to just do the job so very well!

The first thing I noticed was the itchy ears! So weird, all tingly, I thought there was something wrong me me at first as it was the first time I had experienced this, I started saying goodbye to my friends and family, righting my wrong’s in life, praying to god, but fortunately my prayers must have been answered and it stopped before I could send out the deep messages. PHEW!

The workout is great on this stuff and really gives you the boost you need to get off your lazy ass and get out and make those gains! Focus and energy comes on within 15 minutes and lasts through out your workout, fantastic stuff.


Get it here! Bulk Powders – Complete Pre-Workout

1. My Protein – MYPRE

11047053-1064465674352575 (1).jpg

This is the SHIT! The most explosive I have every tried, and I’ve tried a lot! The workout on this stuff is fantastic I use it nearly every day! For me, the balance of energy and the ability to really get you in the zone when you just ain’t feeling it is something that is invaluable! This does exactly what I need to help get my lazy ass up and sweating!

In the blend you get 4g of Creatine, 400mg Caffeine, 4g amino acids and a mix of vitamins and minerals to fight off that tiredness that little bit extra, much needed when pushing yourself as much as we do! I would say it is the most complete of all the pre-workouts I have tried and tops the rest on price also, My Protein always have offer’s on, especially when buying with your proteins and other products.

The flavors are incredible too, really fruity and tasty and mix incredibly well with water, especially good with ice cold water though! The flavors include Sour Apple, Lemon and Lime, Watermelon, Raspberry Lemonade, Orange, Grape and Blue Raspberry.

My workout intensity was massively improved with this product, never feeling lethargic in the gym and hardly resting between rep’s was made all the more easier. I have a tendency to sit and people watch in the gym, but with this fuel, I was on it!

The caffeine and other energy boosting ingredients work at the RIGHT TIME, which is very important, you don’t wanna be sat in bed at 3am thinking about how great your workout was, unable to switch off, you want to be recovering and getting those gains! Don’t worry about this with the MRPRE though, It injects you with your boost during exercise. GENIUS!



I hope this helped you decide!

Any questions just ask!





 Top 5 Top 5 Top 5 – Mass Gainer Products!!

Why I went for a mass gainer

If you are like me and really struggle to hold onto weight, always dropping down to paper weight if you don’t eat like a pig for a few days. At the beginning of my search for the best mass gainer for me I came in at a measly 9.6 stone, I always had been around that weight and really needed help. I wanted to get to a happy place and not floating away in draft caused by opening a door too fast.

So I tried a few different products, some with success, some with disappointment. The product descriptions always boasted extra mass, quicker recovery, tried and tested, all sounding great, but it really comes down to you and your body chemistry. Its important to remember that what may work for one person, doesn’t always work for another.

What are they?

So Mass gainers are usually a combination of large measuring of proteins, carbohydrates and Whey. These components aid muscle growth and weight gain, meaning that if you up your dosage of these your body is getting the extra fuel’s it needs to really take you to the next level. Especially if you are putting your all in at the gym, when you come to recover from the hammering, your body has all it needs to rebuild bigger and better than before.

These products are designed to be used alongside a healthy, balanced diet, usually if you are looking to bulk up you would up your calorie intake and use the shake as a supplement as it wont give you the nutrition that your body needs after exercise to make the most of the thrashing your body has taken by its self.

I do feel that people may rely on these products as a cure for weight loss and use them as a meal replacement. It wasn’t until I upped my diet with the right foods that I really started seeing a difference using mass gainers.

My Top 5 Mass Gainers!


5. My Protein – Vegan Weight Gainer11376706-1344445398141719.jpeg

I was recommended this product by a friend who used it and loved it. After experiencing stomach issues with the last gainer I decided to try the vegan option. This option doesn’t include dairy products which can lay heavy on your stomach and to help those who are lactose intolerant.  Also it is low on fat and sugar which we really don’t need anyway, you get this from practically everything else you buy from a store!


This mix gives a great 29g of brown rice proteins and 400 calories, which I was really excited to try as it was something different. The taste doesn’t really have much to it which is rather disappointing, just bland which can sometimes make it harder to force down.However it does mix very well and my stomach seems to handle it much better. Now this product is stacked full carbs but can be taken in higher amounts as its easily digestible.

My recovery times also improved using this protein, managing to go to the gym twice in a day at times and feeling great for it. Unfortunately something was missin which came back to curse me, I actually lost the weight I had gained from prior gainers even though I have upped my diet to balance it out. So great for muscle recovery but not so great for bulking. As simply a protein supplement I would have given it 5 stars, but as a bulker, not great.


Buy it here! My Protein – Vegan Gainer

4. Nutrabolics IsoGainer


So I was attracted to this one mainly because of how favorable the reviews were and it just kept popping up when I was looking for a gainer. It boast’s really high levels of amino acids which are shown to help muscle growth, included carbohydrates and proteins along with nutrabolics very own mix for energy.

At first I saw great results, my recovery and weight were both improved and I felt very positive that this was my new favorite product! But this seem to level out after a few weeks and I stopped seeing improvement, which was disappointing. I carried on with it and switched my diet up a bit to kick start some growth but nothing happened. I cried for weeks. Having looked into it compared to others it wasn’t the highest carb amounts by some way.

Its mix’s just okay, I found sometimes there would be clumps in my shake! which was disappointing but the taste was still good enough to force it down.


Buy it here! Nutrabolics ISoGainer

3. Dymatize – Elite Mass Gainer


I chose this one due to my search for a higher calorie gainer. You get 600 calories, 55g of protein and egg proteins, which was something I wanted to try out as everyone knows eggs are the best. I love egg’s, Eating 2-3 boiled eggs a day and loving life…I digress.

Another very interesting point about this gainer is that its 99% sugar free, something I had worried about with the very sweet shakes I had been subjecting myself to before. Sugar is bad guys and its everywhere, I didn’t need to be adding a tonne of it a day to my diet.


This was a really good product, the mix was great with hardly any residue left behind. the taste was quality and really smooth! Fantastic. It took a bit more time for my skinny frame to see a difference but there was definitely improvement, nothing drastic unfortunately.

I must say it did give me a bit of a stomach issue, get me??? It seemed to be a bit rough on my gut after a few month’s of usage and I couldn’t use it anymore because of this. This doesn’t seem to be an issue for everyone though, so may just me my body that was sick of it. gassing off all over the place!

An extra bonus with this product is that its sugar, gluten and fat free! So a really good option to the extra diet conscious bunch out there!


Get yours here! Dymatise – Elite Mass Gainer

2. Bulk Powders – Informed Mass


After loosing some well earned mass from my use of a former product, I needed to try to pile it back on asap and become a lump. I researched more and found a product that interested me from a company I had used before, Bulk Powders. This one had a massive 45g protein, 74g of carbohydrates and creatine to help boost your performance.

It mixed fantastically and though a little sweet to taste, it was easily drinkable. Taste is so important when considering you may be downing this juice 2-3 times a day.


It did everything, I started to gain weight going from 9.9 stone to 10.2 in the space of a few weeks, which is a big deal for me! Finally over 10 stone!!! My recovery after exercise was improved too, I no longer felt tired or run down after working out all week, sometimes without rest days! I was beating my personal best week on week as well and feeling great about it.

I did find the product a bit heavy on the stomach after a while though, as I have experienced before with other products. Meaning I had to cut down my intake so not to irritate my precious bowels any further. This may just me be and my weak ass stomach but who knows!


Get yours here! Bulk Powders – Informed Mass

1.My Protein – Hard Gainer Extreme

10615587-7504357599889545 (1).jpg

Now on to my favorite, the beast in a bag, the macadamia nut, the biggest of all the big dogs, the hands down winner of this category, Hard gainer extreme! For me by far the best mass gainer I have tried.

With a ridiculous 35g of protein, 61g of carbohydrates and a crazy 446 calories per serving, it really does weigh in the at the top of its game. With this you also get 5g of creatine and L-Glutamine to help with energy and recovery.

This one really worked for me, blended really well with milk and water which is a plus, sometimes with water they just don’t taste right but this has the perfect texture and consistency to pull it off, even with room temperature water! It caused me no problems with my stomach and I was able to go workout and go about my day right after.

the extra protein, carbs and calories really showed in my results, my weight went from around 10 stone to 10.8 stone within a few weeks while using this product twice a day alongside my usual diet. My recovery time was good and I didn’t really get the hunger I would usually an hour after taking.

With this shake I feel a real difference is that it slowly releases the ingredients, leaving you feeling fuller for longer. Because you eat a lot more when trying to bulk you stretch your stomach, the effect of this for me is that I feel painfully hungry very quickly, this seems to suppress the hunger a bit which is great, allowing you to concentrate on other things, like extreme ironing or laying in your own filth.


Cop your sack here! My Protein – Hard Gainer Extreme

I hope this helped you choose the best gainer for you!

Let me know if there are any you think I should try!



Review Time – My Protein’s MYPRE!! Itchy Ears?

Sometimes it can be really hard to build up the extra energy and excitement for hitting the gym, especially after a hard days graft or just being alive, It can be hard man, some of us are just on the edge of laziness. We try our best but there are moments when we doubt out own performance and tinker with the idea of leaving it for the day. Sleeping is great!

Personally, I find that if I am feeling particularly lackluster, which happens from time to time, if I have something to make me focus on like new to try it gives me the extra drive needed. So I toyed with the idea of a pre-workout, I had heard they are great and wanted to see what they could do for me.

Whenever I had thought about pre-workouts before I imagined it would be a bit intense, eyes popping out of my head, sweating and babbling away at about 100x an hour! Loads of caffeine which put me off and all a bit serious for your everyday gym fellah! So I started to read up on reviews and information before I started. They don’t sound “that” bad, extra energy and concentration in a drink? I tend to babble and sweat anyway so just gimmi that energy!!!


To the product!!

After much reading up I opted to go with a pre-workout from a company I knew and trusted. My Proteins MYPRE. The reviews came across very well and something I always look for are people’s issues and side effects, especially with a product that contains a heap of caffeine. Caffeine I feel effect’s me strongly and wont let me drift off to sleep even if I have had it upon waking up, it just wont let me go to slumber town!

the price is around £21.24 over at My Protein, which may sound kinda steep, I would say though it does seems to last ages and took me over two months to get through. Its not the cheapest but I would say it is the best I have tried, so really you do get what you pay for here.

What the F is it?

People who use pre-workout’s are usually looking for help in gaining focus and an energy boost to get them through a workout. So these types of product’s are always packed with energy rich ingredients for energy and vitamins to help brain function allowing you to focus on your workout and not be drifting off watching a bee fly past the window. Which I tend to do…yeah, my attention span is not the best.

In the MYPRE blend you get an absolute ton of the ingredients to help you have the best workout of your life!

  • Creatine (4g)
  • Caffeine (400mg)
  • Amino Acids (4g)
  • Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin B6, B12, Niacin and Riboflavin which contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.
  • 3g of Beta Alanine, L-Citrulline Malate, L-Arginine, D Aspartic Acid, and Betaine.

It also comes in a wide range of flavors, I tried the raspberry lemonade mix. Other flavors include Sour Apple, Lemon and Lime, Watermelon, Orange, Grape and Blue Raspberry.

Put it to the test!

Let have ittt!!! It’s time to see if this product could really turn me into a gym machine! I was really excited to try this, after reading the reviews and seeing how it helps other’s. This is something that gets me hype’d to head out and put myself to the test in the gym.


So I mixed the product, 2 scoops with out 500ml of water, it tasted great! Very fruity and refreshing. It seemed to mix with water perfectly, leaving no dust or clumps behind once lightly shook. No problem at all drinking this every day!

The first thing I noticed after about 30 minutes was that my ears would start to tingle and itch, sometimes my arms would get slightly itchy, not to the point I was scratching my arms and body like a drug addict, just an odd sensation. A strange reaction, which after looking into it is caused by the caffeine hit.


My workout was definitely improved. I felt a real boost leading up to and during my workout. Huge difference, all I wanted to do was get in the gym and work, and during I just wanted to keep going and pushing myself. This was a real revelation for me! Really becoming part of my routine in the build up to hitting the gym. Fantastic stuff! Getting me in the zone, Showing the benefits of the ingredients in helping my concentration and focus which I sometimes find hard.


It just made me want to do more. Knowing I had this product fueling me on really showed me what I can do, extra reps, extra time in gym, extra weight’s, all leading to better results, its the reason we do it!


After the workout was improved too, sometimes being able to go back for a second session in the same day! I would feel the tiredness kick in still but it was delayed, it would be a few hours before I would feel sleepy even knowing how much work I had put in that day!

The one thing I was worried about was getting to sleep after working out, fortunately for me with this product it didn’t cause a problem as the caffeine seems to loose its effects after working it off, which would all be done in the gym with the extra effort I was putting in! For me this is becoming the perfect product for my body chemistry and a real staple of my workout!

I would become intensely hungry within on an hour of finishing up at the gym which seems to be a side effect. I am looking to gain weight myself so this is just another advantage of the product as I would rush to get those extra calories in me and my protein shake.

Final words!

I really cannot rave enough about MYPRE, it really has helped me in my quest to be the best version of me, giving me that extra push to go extra hard on everything that comes my way. I have tried other products but this is the best of them all.

Taste  de228-five-stars.png

Effectiveness de228-five-stars.png

Price 4-stars.jpg

So overall, taste’s great, mixes great, gives for a greatly improved, energized performance and is reasonably priced. Definitely one to try if you are looking to try get the most you can out of yourself!

Get yours here! My Protein MYPRE.

Cheers for reading!





Friday – Another week done! Have we missed something? Yikes! LEGS!

So we made it this far, we have done every part of the upper body in 4 days. If you made it this far, congratulations! You are an absolute winner! If you haven’t and want the check out the other routines for the ultimate weeks workout they are all available on my blog.

There is a problem though, there is one workout remaining that I have kept very quiet about, as I don’t want you to be thinking negatively about how you are going to spend your time in the gym at the end of the week. I hate to break it to you, but, are you sat down?  Today we have to do legs! I know you can hear the sirens blazing and the see your brains hazard warning lights blinking at an uncontrollable speed, but damn it we have to do it!

OK so maybe I am being a little bit dramatic, but I do not really enjoy leg day and its one of the last things I think about, hence it being the last exercise of the week. Once I get to doing it I am fine and wonder why I was so dead against it. For me it is a problem area and I really should work harder on it. So think positive thoughts, get some high energy music on and put in that work! For today’s music  I have opted for Rage Against The Machine – Battle of LA, it really does help me to get angry about my skinny pins, mouthing the lyrics while I hit those squats.

My legs are an area I really need to prove, due to the long term niggling injuries I have picked up playing football, sometimes after playing I cannot do legs for a few days and this throws me off, when I say throw’s me off I mean I miss them out completely, what a shame.

I am very paranoid about this area of my body and tend to wear trousers to the gym at all time’s. Summer is coming though and I will have to get them out soon! I recall when I was about 23 years old and some chav’s called me sparrow legs, I laughed at the time as I was working on them. Nowadays I just look like Spongebob, a human triangle or one of those pot dogs with the string legs that used to sit on the mantelpiece.


As I look to improve this area I will be taking pictures and keeping you all updated while I battle the skinny pin syndrome, and build a solid pair of support stilts.

To the gym!

Right, the pre-game meal, nothing too heavy but packed with energy to get you going and get the strength in those legs. I have gone for 2 fried eggs with herbs on brown toast, couple of tangerines, a protein shake and a cup of hot Oolong tea. Its filling but not heavy which is perfect as the last thing I need right now is feeling more like I could just have a lil sleepy rather than go and attack the gym. The sun’s shining and I’m smiling. I AM READY!

The workout

So today we are really going to push this to the limit, every rep is going to be the most you can do, come on, we are only doing this once a week! Hit everything with everything you’ve got and see the results. Your glutes are your biggest muscles and can do a hell of a lot more than you think! Also for me legs seem to take the most effort to make a difference in size, therefore try to forget that you are not going to be moving so quickly for a few days after and think about the benefits, bigger, stronger and better looking pegs!!

The reps for the below exercises will be 4 sets of 10, start at a weight that you are comfortable with and add 5kg each time for the next 3 sets. Everyone is different here and and the weights for these will vary, but don’t worry if you are on low weights, concentrate on technique, especially with squats, use your thighs! If you aren’t doing it right then you wont get the results you so desire!

The workout I will be following today was found over at project next, their site includes nutrition information, videos, schedule’s and so much more, its a great site with a wealth of information.


I have just come back from following this regime and I cannot feel my legs. I mean, who puts a gym in a glorified  cellar? those stairs are a joke! I do feel happy and thoroughly worked though which is a positive. I could easily have a sleep now! If I do, I’ll be smiling away to myself, until tomorrow, when I will raising my fist to the sky and screaming “WHY GODDD! WHYYYYY.”

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did….

Have a great weekend yo!








Thank f**k its…Thursday? ARMS!

hIts finally here, my favorite day of the week, the one you’ve been waiting for, the big dogg of them all, ITS ONLY  EVERYONE’S FAVORITE DAY! ARMS DAY! Don’t get me wrong I am a big fan of most days of the week, but this is by far the most anticipated! Really push yourself today to see the benefits tomorrow, if you leave it another day you will never make that change. Complain if you want that its too hard, as long as your arms are still working while you moan, you are winning!

Going to the gym and looking at your arm’s thinking that they look like string can really bust your self esteem, this is the situation I was in for a long time until I really started to concentrate on them. I would work out and they would look huge! well, huge for my standards, but within a couple of hours they had withered away to the lackluster mass they had before. Then my change came, switching my diet, upping calories and using shakes. Always being sure when I was working out I was using various exercises so to hit every point of the muscle.

Now don’t get me wrong, I still have this issue but the mass is retained for a longer period, say a week, before they loose their new found superpowers. As shown in my workouts before I like to add biceps and triceps exercises onto the end of working other key areas, so to keep that pump up.

For skinny folk this seems to be an issue and a product that has really impressed me so far in keeping those damn muscles on has been My Protein Hard Gainer Extreme, using this, alongside diet and exercise, I have seen my weight raise and gain mass. Check out my full review here! Also for a short time I used BCAA plus tablets which really worked in retaining mass, but unfortunately side effect’s forced me to drop them. check my review of BCAA’s here!!


Today’s workout mainly is taken from a page I found on Facebook, Gym Workout Chart, they offer daily workouts for all muscle groups, which is fantastic if you get bored like me and like to switch it up, definitely like their page as I have found some great workouts on there! A lot of the schedules show exactly which part of the muscle you are working too so you don’t have to research this, time saver! If you don’t work the full muscle you will never gain that much sought after mass!


For biceps I followed the below schedule, I go fast,  15 reps for the first set, 12 for the second set, 10 for the 3rd then as many more as I could do for the 4th set. My weight starts of at 20kg and goes up 2.5kg with each set. The burn on this is incredible and you will end with jelly arms, which is why we are here isn’t it? The definition you will get from this exercise is incredible as you are being sure to hit every point of your muscle.

661aa217eb0c7b0cd718341a0dfa1403 (1).jpg


On to the triceps! Now after going so hard on the biceps this is going to be touch, not gunna lie, you are probably going to hate it and me for suggesting it but push through and you will have really achieved, unable to feel your arms, but still you can be proud! Thank me later!

Up the weight to starting at 30kg per rep and work up from there, same as before, 15 reps, 12 reps, 10 reps then as many as possible. Really concentrate on getting the right technique here, your rep MUST always start from a straight arm or it doesn’t count, also you look like you don’t know what your doing! Don’t let people think you don’t know what your doing, even if you don’t really know what you are doing, this also applies to work, relationships and any time of peril.



Now if you feel you have a little left in the tank (If you do you are a maniac) You can add a a few extra’s to your workout, you savage! Try the below!

Grab a medicine ball, stand with your legs about shoulder width apart and hold the ball directly in front of you with straight arms, hold it there for as long as you can. This is a really good overall workout for arms and will also touch on your shoulder’s and trap’s I find. Repeat 3 times and try always try to beat your first and second go. I remember at school when these were punishment, its still a punishment.

Well my arms are a well and truly done for, they feel like they will never be the same again, exactly as I wanted!

Nice one!!






Midweek mayhem! Back and Triceps = Mega aches!

Attack, attack and attack some more!

Its officially midweek, and that mean’s we are half way through our 5 day plan! Today we are going get a sprint going towards the end of week. We will be focusing on really working all area’s of the back and some triceps work today.

After football last night and a great win for the mighty, ultra attacking Real Tired FC and a return to goal scoring form for myself, my legs are a bit battered from the hacks I received. Hopefully this wont effect my dead lift attempt’s today. If they do, I will return and cause serious damage the the thugs who orchestrated the assault on my shins, knee’s and ankles. Dick ed’s.


I always find working my back hurts the most and the angel wings at the back seem to ache for a few days but feels good. The lower back is something I have problems with, due to my work, apparent laziness and affinity for slumping, this area is prone to aches and stiffness. Something I will be going into another time is how practicing yoga help’s with this and after exercise and can enhance your workout.

Its a grim day out there today, looking out of my window all I see is a dreary, wet bricked apartment block and a bike that seems to have been blown about by the wind. It’s like a post apocalyptic scene. This does not fill me with excitement for the day ahead.

The motivation that comes from a bright, sunny, positive day is so far away today so I will have to turn to music to get me up for this. I have returned to Run the Jewels 3, so much energy, crazy beat’s and those rhyme schemes, my god! OK so now I am ready, who wouldn’t be with these guys in your ear, LETS GET IT!!! ATTACK!!

To the  workout!!!!

So for today’s back and triceps workout I will be again following a routine I have found online. There is such a wealth of advice and schedules out there it really is incredible, it helps to get a good few different schedules that you can keep switching between along with making your own, keep it fresh, fun and remember, If it gets to easy, switch it out!

I will be using my usual 15 reps, 12 reps, 10 reps then 8 reps routine for all of these exercises, upping the weight slightly each time, really pushing and ensuring correct form throughout. I cannot stress how important form is, especially when working the back, incorrect form can put you out for weeks. Believe me, I know!


I am always surprising myself with how much I can do on both of these sections, another of my favorite areas to work. They are really big muscles and when worked correctly, can look incredible. The triceps are the biggest part muscle of the arm and seem to be overlooked so often. If you have huge biceps and flat triceps your gunna look a damn fool, balance them out man! Always use more weight for working triceps than you would with biceps, using a full extension with every rep and you WILL surprise yourself!



For back always go big with the weights, apart from when doing the lower back as it is the easiest to cause damage and have you walking like a pencil for a few days. I find it best to do a lower weight and more reps, aiming to perfect your technique with every rep, this will work wonders on your back and also leave you able to continue with your workout’s for the rest of the week, along with other “passionate” exercises, if you know what I mean…eyyyyyyy


The schedule’s for today were found at workoutbox, they have so many great workout routines and information over there, really good stuff! Shout out to those guys!

I Hope you enjoyed this and if you did the workout, let me know if you have any tips or ideas to add as I will be publishing my own schedules shortly!





Tuesday favorites – Chest, Bicep’s and footy!

The Plan

So its Tuesday, the week’s well underway and its time to work on the next set of workouts. Today I will be launching a siege on my chest and bicep’s, then footy tonight! I like to work these sets together as it feels the most natural to do so, also with Friday being so very far away, this is a group of my favorite muscles to work. I find them the most satisfying to do and always come away from the gym with a smile.

Knowing I have to play footy tonight means I will be staying well away from working the legs. I hate to play badly or feel that I don’t have the energy to keep running around like Wile e. Coyote. My stamina is one of my main strength’s. There are many more but I am not going to toot my own trombone right now.

Also I like to do the bicep workout light just to keep the arms woke as I find after a few days without working them they start to fade away like Marty McFly at the end of Back to the future. The big arms day comes on Thursday! YAY


Lets go!

OK so I’m awake, I’ve had my usual sit and think about the world and how much I would love to close my eyes, pulled myself through that and got up and ready to go. My stomach is still aching from yesterdays workout, shoulders are a bit tight too but this just makes me feel better, proves I’m doing something and fighting for more.

For breakfast today, again I feel like I need some nutrient boost to get me poppin, so opted for peanut butter and banana on toast, 2 kiwi’s and a tangerine! I feel so alive when I eat like this, knowing that what your putting in is good, mentally and physically. Eating too heavy in morning really does make me struggle and I will be slumping around like a dirty marshmallow for the rest of the day. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a banging full English breakfast, but try save these for the days off. I cannot wait for my next day off.

The workout!!

So me and my gym bro will be starting on chest, we tend to do 1 set of 15, put the weight up and do a set of 12, then up the weight again and do 10 and finish with a extra heavy weight for a set of 8. We both can be a bit lazy at time’s and talk too much so we try to push through quickly so to keep the blood pumping and get the full potential from each rep. I found the workout below online a few weeks ago and will be sticking with it for this weeks workout as it work’s each part of the muscles individually, hitting each and every part.

Today’s workouts were found and loved from the guy’s over at Iron Works, they have a huge range of schedules so if you are looking to switch it up but not sure what else to try to get that compete workout, head over there and check them out on Iron Works Birmingham’ blog, link below


Chest out of the way and titties on full beam, we move onto a little spot of Biceps. I love doing arms with a passion were as my gym bruh seem’s to hate it, so after the chest workout we will take it easy by doing 3 sets on each exercise, 15 on the first, 12 on the second and 10 on the last one, not on a super heavy weight, but enough to really feel it using the proper technique.  Just blast through it, 8 exercises can be a bit daunting after already doing one chest section, but just do it, stop being a puss.


After this workout you are going to feel a really good burn across the whole of the top of your body, the arms will feel worked but not overly. Hopefully in the morning your tiddies are going to hurt when you walk down the stairs, lets call them pec’s not tiddies, sounds more manly. Enjoy it! And if the burn stop’s after doing this workout a couple of times, switch it up! Shock the muscles back into life in order to feel the full benefits/ache.

After this would be a good time to go for a run but as I have to play football tonight I’ll be saving myself for that. Gotta bag a some goals haven’t I!









Monday Blue’s – Shoulder and Stomach Session

Its a new week! Full of promise,  excitement and energy!

Naa, not me, yet. After two days of doing pretty much nothing, laying back with the Lady, watching old films mostly and eating all the foods we are told not to, but what do they know. Do I feel bad? NOPE. I would do it all again in an instant, bliss.

I am usually pretty sluggish on a Monday and need to get motivated to get on the gym thing, especially first thing! Choosing your breakfast carefully can be a big help and mentally set’s you up to go and attack your day. Today I opted for peanut butter on protein rich bread along with a banana and an Oolong tea, this worked a treat. Off we go! Cannot wait around and waste this natural, nutritional boost I just subjected myself to.

The attack plan

OK, breakfast out of the way and I’m ready for an all out attack on the gym, I’m gunna put it in a headlock! The plan for today is to work two key areas, stomach and shoulders. You will see as I go through my weeks schedule in future articles that I like to work in two’s, so stomach and shoulders today, chest and Biceps tomorrow, back and Triceps Wednesday, a more focused Bicep’s and Tricep arm session on Thursday then legs by themselves on a Friday, legs is on its own as after that I just want to lay down and think happy thoughts. Also I have a the weekend to get the feeling in my legs back.


For this week I chose to start with stomach and shoulders using programmes I found online. After filling up on a copious amounts of both healthy and unhealthy food for two days, which always lye’s on the gut, it feels good to concentrate on that problem area and hopefully set me up for the week!

The workout


Starting with the stomach. I like to do these exercise’s at a fast pace to get the sweat going and really feel a burn. As an area I am looking to improve I’m working extra hard on these and making sure my technique is perfect. Do this at home or at the gym, ask a PT if you cannot feel a burn.With the knee crunches and cross crunches I like to use a 10kg medicine ball or weight disk to add extra resistance. I guarantee after this workout you will be wet as a dog in sweat.



For the shoulders I find it better to use a slightly lighter weight in an effort to get the perfect technique and really work those muscles. For some reason I find shoulders one of the hardest workouts to perfect and for some reason when I push upwards at the right angle, part of my lip raises too, yes I look odd when I do it, but there is nothing I can do about it! Just keep your head down if you have this very odd reaction to raising.

For the below start with 15 reps on a very comfortable weight, 12 reps on a slightly harder weight the 10 reps on a heavy weight, really push yourself on the last one, you will feel great when you manage it and will see the benefits after!


every couple of weeks I will be varying these exercise along with my own programmes and switching them up. I find my muscles get used to certain movements quickly and don’t get the burn I did before. Never get too comfortable, don’t be a dead fish in a stream, going with the flow. Nobody wants to be a dead fish.

I hope you enjoy this workout and if you have any tips to switch it up, let me know!



Lets review My Protein Hard Gain Extreme then! Just one side effect this time!

It sounds a bit hardcore, what is it?

So you’re looking into gaining weight, there are so many powders and supplements that boast the ability to do this for you.  My Protein Hard Gain Extreme is one of the product’s from a leading brand promising to help you get those calories in! Along with a heap of other beneficial ingredients. If like me you sometimes don’t have time to cook extra food or just cannot bring yourself to eat anymore, but know you have to force in the extra calories to reach your goals!

Another option is you could get a girlfriend who forces you to eat more by calling you a little bitch if you cannot finish that second serving, now this does work I promise you this, nobody wants to be undermined at the dinner table like that. If you can get these kind of enthusiastic, motivational speeches on the daily, mix it with this product and you are onto a winner.

Along with a whopping 35g of protein per serving you get 61g of carbohydrates, 446 calories, 5g of creatine, L-Glutamine and other various vitamins in every 125g serving. As you can see a real mix of products shown to build and maintain muscle growth but also has the ingredients that help you with you immediate recovery from your vigorous workouts.

It comes in a range of 6 flavours, I am sure all of these are fantastic but the first time I ordered this product the one I went for was the Mint chocolate, and its so good I have stuck with it since. If you are a fan mint choc chip ice cream then this is the one for you, even with water it tastes incredibly good, and after meals it acts as a good sweet replacement to deserts, giving your sweet tooth the fix it needs.

Reasons for choosing

Well to look like this, OBVIOUSLY!!


Naa the above is too far, is it even real? looks like he has mumps in his whole upper body!

As the type who has NEVER been able to gain weight and seemingly in a lifelong mission to find a bulk gainer, that will help me to not only get bigger, but actually keep the weight on once it appears on my body I opted for My Protein Hard Gainer Extreme. I had seen from the reviews that it was working for a lot of people, now these people mostly seemed to have been reaching for slightly different goals, but with the description, favorable reviews and praise the product was getting I thought I would give it a go. Why not huh?

I was looking to be able to primarily gain weight using this product, but also with my workout schedule and diet, be able to see the results in muscle gain and performance in the gym!

So is it actually good?

The Mint choc chip flavor is so good and though very sweet as you would expect with this flavor it is not something I have got sick of, some products I have tried I have been dreading from the moment I open my eyes and feel like I could gag just at the sight of that big sack of protein sat on the counter. It mixes with water and milk surprisingly well, hardly any lumps in it without having to shake it too vigorously, which again I have found some just wont mix and you waste half of the serving stuck on the sides of your bottle!

Within a week I was seeing results, not just in how I was looking but also how I felt in myself. I was staying full for a lot longer than usual after meals and felt my gains would stay for the day after I had worked out, with the post pump gain hanging around rather than feeling like I had never stepped foot in gym or lifted my arms by the end of the day! This is great!

My weight had improved from my previous gains, various other products had got me from a measly 9.6 stone to much more acceptable 10.1 stone, but never managed to keep the weight.  I was now heading up to 10.8 stone, on my way to becoming a big lump of muscle, exactly as I hoped it would. Gym performance was better also upping weights and feeling really positive about the direction I am heading!

I am always excited to weigh in now, see if I have upped on those scales and would be able to smile at myself for the extra achievements, maybe get a few hi-fives from random people on the way home! Reaching for your targets and actually hitting them is the greatest feeling, especially when you have been trying for so long and suddenly a product click’s and everything comes together.

Side effects tho…

Yes this product is great and does exactly what it says on the tin. It tastes good, really, really good, mixes well and the results have been great. For me though, there is a but, of late I haven’t had the best relationship with spicy foods and have had to cut out something very dear me, something I thought I couldn’t live without, something I think about every day…Jalapeno Hummus, its just the greatest thing, but my stomach really didn’t agree with my passion for it, I think you know what I’m getting at here.


The shake was having the same effect as the spicy foods had been, only when I had the shakes before bed though, I would wake up about 5am and get the cramps, run off to the bathroom and, yeah you know the rest. And the same for the rest of the day. This was a problem as I felt I really needed to be having them late on at night so my body would be able to work through the concoction through the night rather than the precious muscle I had gained.

I counteracted this by simply cutting down a small amount to having 1 shake in the morning then 1 shake right after I work out, this worked out fine and now, sticking to this routine the gains are still coming and I am having no problems sleeping like a normal person and fine through out the day, WAAHOOO!!

Has anyone else had these issues? If so how did you cure it!

You can get My Protein Hard Gainer Extreme here!












Lets have a look at a journey, from skinny to weird fat to skinny to toned to bulking.

Why I started the change?

My body transformation has been years in the making, maybe I was lazy, maybe I was busy, maybe I had just settled for what I had, probably a mixture of the three but a higher percentage of lazy, probably a 50% 25% and 25% split of the three. I just didn’t really have it in me, It all came to a point when I was approaching 29 years old and started to notice that my usually just skinny body was starting to verge on the skinny fat look, you know that area 51 alien autopsy body coming in, nobody needs that! That’s a dad body and I am no way ready for that! Sorry father, not right now.


Here I am, being visited by some celebrities, they woke me up!

OK so it wasn’t that bad, and I am not bald yet, but I could see it happening, and this was scary for me, (as it is for anybody) my metabolism is so fast but was seeming to be slowing in one area, the stomach, not evenly across my body, just a pouch in the middle. Damn.


So the above is a real picture of me back then, skinny, you can see the pouch forming, needed to get out of that rut, acceptance and stop thinking of myself as being kinda weak. fast as hell, but not strong, nope.

How I started

So I decided to start by shedding and getting rid of that gut that was forming. I began with changing my diet. I had been famous for my random meals at home; chicken nuggets, chips, garlic bread and spaghetti meatballs on the same plate was one of my signature dishes. So obviously this had to change, meatballs is still one of my favorite dishes, but the rest had to go!

I  cut down to switching between porridge and fruit for breakfast, maybe the odd Belvita biscuit, salad’s for lunch (without the dressing) and various combinations of stir fry for dinner. This was not easy for me, with my love for junk food and feeling hungry 80% of the time, but my drive to improve myself got me through it. I started to learn about food groups and nutrition more and more, educating yourself is very important and helps you in your drive to change.

I began to run a lot more alongside playing football, I started slow with a couple of miles 2-3 times a week, which was hard at first but I soon got into the swing of it, after a few weeks I was feeling much more comfortable over distance and feeling better about myself also, running 5-6 miles 3-4 times a week and loving it, just happier knowing that I hadn’t lost it. I used to do cross country for school so thinking you can’t do what you used to can really hurt your pride.

Next step’s

Once I had burnt that dreaded baby pig belly attached to me, I started on the gym and joined up to Pure Gym Leeds, there seemed to be a lot of people there for the same reason as me and it wasn’t too..serious. I was driven to better myself, happy with how the first results had come out and raring to go!

I would do 20 minutes on a treadmill then head to the weight machine’s for 40 minutes, starting with a mix of a few different muscle groups, not concentrating on one area just yet, easing into it. Not confident enough to go into the free weights section just for now, thought I’d be laughed outta the place!

Now this was all working great, I felt great, more energy, more alert, improved self confidence and proud of myself, as I was starting to grow a real passion and could not bare to miss a couple of days without my gym fix. I needed that release and with nothing to stop me, I was free to attack the gym as much as I felt necessary.

BUT there was something holding me back, yeah I felt stronger and better about how I looked, but I was not getting the gains I wanted. I had been stuck on the foods and portions I was eating when I was trying to loose weight! BIG MISTAKE! It was so obvious but until it was pointed out to me I didn’t even think.Dumb huh!

Realization and change in goals

I came to the realization that maybe I didn’t want to just get my old physique back, I wanted to be bigger, see how far I could push my body, so I was willing to try anything to try to bulk up, not with fat, but muscle, could I be a slightly shorter Arnie? Well maybe not but I am going to keep pushing myself to see what kind of transformation I could truly achieve. My weight had always been a problem, never close to or above 10 stone, time to start researching and trying new things.

I started looking into protein powders and supplements to help my cause, there are so many out there and I tried a lot, which I will be reviewing for you guys so you can see my experience and if you relate to my story so far, it may really help you!

Results this far!

So I hit the gym harder, daring to enter using free weights with all the big dog’s and following schedules found online and soon started creating my own which I will share with all of you. Soon afterwards I started to see changes using certain shakes, supplements and switching up my diet, mainly upping it with the right foods. Sometimes it is hard but you gotta remember what you are trying to do, its so easy to loose sight and not really push yourself.


This picture is me a couple of months ago in Barcelona, much more toned and happier, swear I could be the next Bond.

I wanted to be above 10 stone for the first time in my life.God damn it, I wont be pushed about by the wind anymore, or barged out the way by toddlers, I cannot be having that! I started at about 9.6 stone, through hard work and diet I have now reached 10.8 stone, which I am amazed by, having never believed I could.

My first goal had been achieved and it felt great, now I want to reach the promised land, my new aim of hitting 11 stone for the first time in my life, what I have achieved so far shows I can. Loving and living every moment and finding what works for me is my passion and WILL be reached.